How to be successful in life - 5 Easy Steps!

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As I get older, I realise that we are sucked into the mundane norm of society and most of us in this situation wish we were something/somewhere else in life. But we can change right now! Here are a few tips that have helped me along the way...


1 Stop living by everyone elses rules! The rules are there to be broken, if you stick to the rules you will be the same as everyone else!


2 Do something that you are passionate about! If you have a passion in life, no matter what if is, you can make it pay. I mean look at us, here we are on Steemit...earning for writing a blog.

3 Be positive, no matter how hard things get. If you take the downs with a pinch of salt and treat them as learning opportunities, you can make something good from a bad situation.

4 Enjoy the ride! Don't focus on the end result, you have to enjoy the journey, otherwise what is the point? Take every day as a learning opportunity and seek pleasure in even the smallest of things, you will soon be living the dream without reaching your initial destination!


5 Challenge yourself and stick to a plan! There is no point waiting for all of this to happen to you out of thin air, you have to be your own motivator. If you continue to sit and wait for these things to happen, they never will. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Yes it is scary, but how else are you going to be successful if you stay the same?

I believe in you, go be successful! :D


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good tips allocated in my life interesting blogs have a nice day follow now

@steemcurator you just motivated me !!! these tips that you have given are priceless especially the one with following your passion and not listening to anyone else !!! :)

I Upvoted And Followed you. do The same for me and we could help each other Earn.

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