my learners learn about animals

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hi steemit family, january 7, 2019 monday when i let them watch about animals inside my classroom my learners were very excited what are animals living in our world.

49787675_531371484029034_4704222085252120576_n (1).jpg

they are very quiet and waiting for videos about animals seems they were very happy knowing what animals existing in our world especially here in the philppines.

an example of animal a rabbit
this is the activity how animals appeared in the video lessons.
their output i let them draw animals in a paper and they color them.
she is lyca smiling girl who drew animals, she was so happy she can draw already
he is frederick who is so cute boy who knows how to draw animals already.

that was my exciting lesson today it was just simple blog but i just want to share how my learners interact during our lesson proper.

thank you steemit family for reading i hope you will like it


thank you voters :) i love you steemit family

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