loving someone never love you in return

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good day steemit family i just want to share what i have been struggling right now i am so depressing for what happened to my lovelife i feel so broke right now :( i have been loving someone for about 2 years and 8 months. i just met him online last june 7, 2016.

i met him in an app, when the first time he saw me he found me cute and he started to talk to me sweetly and i saw him too on cam i found him a good looking guy i thought it was love at sight. he got my number so we talked on phone i feel like in cloud 9 every time he talked to me i feel like i was the happiest woman in the world.

we talked everyday on cam and we were happy sharing what our life was, he used to share his family and his life i was always happy every time i talked to them for our first year in our relationship, he was so proud of me and he let me meet his friends online. after work he went home and he was so excited to go home for me.

time goes by i have been knowing him a lot while talking on cam but then something different that i have observed he was getting to changed he used to spend his time to his friends on the chatroom and he was just left me on cam and he just talked to me he wanted too. i just complained and complained every time he did that because i am not his priority anymore he changed a lot but then even he was like that i did not leave him instead i just stayed at him even he was like that all of a sudden when we were always quarrel he decided to stop chatroom in an app, i was happy because i thought he will stick on me already, but i was wrong.

i was so wrong of what happened to our relationship in a year and half he used to go facebook and played poker and still he was just talked to me when he wanted too. but then because of loving him i stuck on him even he used to fight on me and just be patient to understand him, well he got depressed because he said to me his work fired him. well i did stay at him and understand him what he needed to do.

now he gets back again in the chatroom app he used to come and meet other people sometimes he forgot me to talk and just seeing him on cam and i complained because he was always left me because i feel he was into me anymore, well yeah we always quarrel and still even it was like that i am still here understanding him.

i wished he will going to change soon, that is only prayer that i want to be granted, even so painful what he is doing to me every now and then i am still loving him, every occasion i must be patient because just let me view his family without meeting them. even in his facebook he does not want me to add him because he said if he will add a girlfriend he might sure already and getting ready to marry her. i was hurt about it because he hides me from his family, still now even he is like that i am still be here for him.

but now i feel so depress because of what is happening in our relationship, i am just only handling it and it so painful that he just changed a lot if i walked away he used to contact me and here still i am staying at him even his treatment is like that. i just do not know why he knows i am still here with me still he never realize my worth.

i am so sorry steemit family i am voicing out what i am feeling right now because i considered steem family as my best friend and members are ready to read and listen to me, thank you once again.


it is good if you put a supporting pictures of you or picture of the guy @steem.life :)

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