celebrating chinese new year: visiting chinese temple in aparri #1

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beautiful day with a beautiful life steemians! i would like to share our chinese temple here in aparri
it was located in minanga, aparri, cagayan, it was so solemn when i entered i appreciate it so much so calm and miraculous by nature.
it is so delighted to visit and i felt the good vibes inside it
this is the first kneeling pad before you enter you have to kneel down and bow your head to greet the gods of chinese.
the second kneeling pad in the altar when in you can kneeldown and bow your head to pray and ask some forgiveness and to thank also.
the altar of the chinese gods where some images of chinese gods are there and some lucky charms around them.

i appreciate your upvotes and resteeming my steemit family i hope it will. i appreciate so much if you will thank you in advance


Hi, Brenda, I love your photos I am from the UK and I have had a big heart for all Chinese Architecture and Furniture. the very first thing I bought when moving into my very first home was a Chinese table carved wood with a round glass top, since then I have a carved dragon and various ornaments. Great work, Great Photos :0)

hi chad nice meeting you here! thank you for your upvote, i appreciate it much really. well chinese goods are very meaningful in chinese people. it gives lucky charms to us.

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thank you :) happy to have it

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