Sunday Funday

in life •  2 years ago 

Some days need to be holidays. Days you cheerish and chill like its 1999.
Sunday is one of those days. Why work when you can play.
Why walk when you can run.
sundayfundaybaseballcap (1).jpg
Lets have some fun. Lets party hardy. Lets drink crystal and wax mystical.
There's no time like now and place like here.
It's too easy to get caught up in the standard day.
Who gives a fuck if I miss a day. Who cares if I'm unproductive.
Only myself. I can be the worst enemy to my own happiness because I drive too hard.

Sunday is a day to let that go. Sunday is a day to stay offline... or just post once. Just a relaxing rant about life to nobody.

Here's my ode to Sunday. Unplug. Fly away. Do you thing. You are granted permission.

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Personally, I have a lot of days. I have a holiday, but when I have the tension of work, I migrate to the village and forget all the worries and the uproar of the city.