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Hi Steemians beginners just like me.


See the rapid growth in #steemit. It is not easy to become a great reputation if we rely on the ability to write without lobbying, it turns out this way rotten to beg for others, I will still learn slowly so that my reputation increases without being humbled by the results of the help of others.

If only you did not want to upvote to me also not a serious problem, which you will still follow me. I need friendship, not pursuing wealth on someone else's desk. Please hurry to find new experiences in #steemit this so we know so hard to earn income own sweat results.

Are you a beginner in this steemit?
Do not get sick of the real thing when you compare it a few years ago, you use social media just to show your daily activities without generating income, but you never complain. But today you've moved on this platform you should also embed the way of thinking that once, let's just say you are on this platform as well as when you are in social media that once without producing. In the end you will be surprised when you are on this platform, you will not generate income, if you do not feel great we should be grateful to remember we used to not useful in social media that does not produce anything, but now you feel it, waiting to grow.


May I have a good reputation for the future without having to beg.

By @ steem-aneukmit