When Stability Leads To Instability

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A lot of athletes tend to go bankrupt due to a sort of extreme stability which they inherit over the night. A lot of these players grow from poor to middle-class backgrounds, and thus were forced to live reasonably throughout their whole lives. But then when they got their very first paycheck, their previous experiences seems to instantly fade away and became obsolete. Now not only do they now have a ridiculous amount of money, but also, they are getting a lot and lot more of it, too. Instead of carefully allocating their funds, a lot of these players begin to throw it around just as though they are multi-millionaires. Quite vividly, even a multi-millionaire could go bankrupt very easily.

How could so many just throw away such a golden opportunity which can guarantee lifelong wealth?

These players are not as insane as one might think. We might not do much better if placed in similar or same situation, this is due to the fact that it’s human nature to do this. When ever we arw given extreme stability, we tend to easily become partially or fully blind to risk, thus we unknowingly take risks which are very likely to bring about instability. No a single player plans on losing all his or her wealth, it simply just happens. And then, it's already too late to fix it. The antidote is quite simple, and is of course, to never concede stability, yes, to never believe that one is beyond the reach of risk and ruin. Just never become blind to the fragility of being a human being in a flawed world.

Quite notable is the fact that stability is desirable, but then it could as well be dangerous due to the fact that gets us relaxed. Stability could reduce the valuable traits like drive, caution, grit etc. Thus, the best way one could fight this phenomenon is to build or create an edge of your own. What this basically means is to build your own sense of instability. Take for example, a famous singer who has fame and money and also living a comfortable life which he or she dreamed, such person might shift their focus outward to the instability existing in the world (philanthropy, politics, teaching, etc).

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