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During the period when you are asleep, your conscious mind tends to shut off. Then you begin to dream of soft kittens, probablydancing on top of a piano. And then suddenly you wake up. Your mind becomes activated again. Familiar thoughts begins to flood into your conscious brain. This occurs almost instantly, you begin to gain awareness of your self-image, your responsibilities, yours goals and ambitions, then comes your relationships, finances and how desperately you would need to be successful.

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Already your mind has set up so much of your day even before you stretch your legs. You aggregate all of your experiences and beliefs together to form a set of expectations for the day, of which won’t likely be too different from activities of the previous day. The plumber would naturally expects to fix someone's sink and have a bottle of beer after work, as usual. There happens to be quite some issues with this form of reality, this is due to the fact that if you have been a lazy bum for nearly all of your life, or perhaps anything less than your very best, you would naturally expect this sort of performance upon waking up. But what you are doing is just setting yourself up for failure unless you do something about it.
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Each day could be a fresh start! You could begin with a morning mindshift, where which you could by-pass your default settings and re-configure your mind to make each day a new one. First of all, the old way of living must die an unnatural death in order to make room for the new you. Try to establish this immediately you rise. If you do this any later, you might risk getting into your old rhythm, which could begin as innocently as taking a shower. It's a fact that has been well established in the host of scientific communities that our neurons develop pathways, and the pathways which you use the most become more stronger. Just like trails in the woods with frequent use, these developed paths bring about an encouragement for further use. An individual who is addicted to gambling would have developed a powerful neural pathways which compel him or her to play just a single hand more of blackjack.

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