Food for Wolves

in #life6 years ago

Poverty is my undoing. Poverty led my mom to auction me off to the highest bidder.


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I am betrothed to an elderly man because he isvery rich. I am nowhere close to 18; yet, when we need money, my mom sends me to do whatever it takes to get money from the man. You're wondering about my father, right? Well, he is just there. To my mom, I'm a commodity to meeting our needs. Maybe not. Maybe in her own twisted way, she is doing right by me by securing me a better future, which is ironic. She isn't thinking of the infections I could get or being exposed to child birth when I am still but a child...

This story is as real as you. My question is: What happens to a child, whom those that are supposed to protect her are the ones throwing her to the wolves?

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