Being Un-motivated

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With a lot of persons in the world today whatsoever they feel they can in order to stay motivated, let's put up up an alternative viewpoint. It is good to feel unmotivated, and here’s why.


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If you notice that a person is always showing up and is generally successful in all his or her their ventures, it might seem that they are very much highly motivated at all times. What this likely means however is that these individuals depend on motivation(less) than the typical or normal person. Let look at Olympic athletes, these guys are motivated individuals in general, but then their success is derived from the fact that they ate able to get themselves to go through the training even when they would rather do something very much different. The typical or normal gym goer might only hit up whenever he or she has an average high end energy and is also in the mood.

Willpower is most often mis-attributed to bemotivation. Anytime a gold medal athlete retrospects back to what it was that took them this far, they tend to think of the sacrifices and tough days which they put in, this is all because they “wanted it.” This over-all drive toward their cause is way different from the fluctuating motivation which they felt along the way. Truthfully, their success was in over-coming a lack of motivation on so many occasions. We often get emotional regarding our victories, this is due to the resistance and hardship which we conquer in order to earn them. They might say they “wanted it,” but then, that is only in a broad or general sense. There were certainly a lot of moments in which they didn’t want to train but at the end of the day, they did anyways, and this is by definition a lack of motivation which they overcame with their willpower. Irrespective --motivation is still crowned the hero.

Resistance and motivation have an inverse relationship. If you are fully motivated, you would have no resistance.. but if you are fully unmotivated, then you would have a lot of resistance. In order to understand this, what you do is simply think of eating a meal. Once you get hungry, you become 100% (one hundred percent) motivated to eat. It is not a decision you can wrestle with, this is because you want to do it -- and that is exactly when you would face resistance (which varies in it's amount)


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