I'm not leaving, I'm staying here

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It would be a song by Willie Colon or a song by Toña la negra, a poem by Andrés Eloy Blanco or a thought by Romulo Betancourt. I do not know what to describe it.

Faithful believer that the man is of the family and therefore has to take the sustenance, from which he gets up early takes advantage of the day.

To place mango to the ceviche and to use some sweet peppers because the rocoto does not fit in your palate, to see how Argentina beats you England with the sparkle of the cosmic kite, to admire the best contention and philosopher of your generation a certain Socrates.

Being a democrat is a way of life, it's what he tells me every day. From the center left until his last days of life, I cry when Carlos Andres went to another plane and celebrated when he learned of Chavez's death.

"A mi me gusta es el ron on the rock's" is what it will tell you if you offer a rum, accompany it with a chocolate and if it is local better for it.

"Ponte las alpargatas que lo que te toca es bailar joropo" is what he tells me when I have it uphill but he knows I'll get out of those., Please more coffee without sugar because for sweet me, it's what he says every time he buys one in the cafeteria.

-You leave?
-I'm not leaving, I'm staying here

It's the unique response he gives to people every time he asks about emigrating.

First of all happy back to the sun pa '


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