Dream, Criticize and then Realise! Learn from NLP about yourself...

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So I met this guy in the train reading about NLP and borrowed her book for a quick read. NLP means "neurolinguistic programming" which describes how you can change your physical life by first addressing your psychology!

E.g. envisioning yourself how you will become successful, but in a structured way. It actually helps, but what was more interesting to me is the NLP idea of everyone having 3 subpersonalities.

I know this concept is nothing new, but it helps to remind yourself and reflect on this idea.

1. The Dreamer

This is you having visions and goals for yourself/life as if there were not limitations, boundaries or obstacles.

The Dreamer in my opinion is the part that gives your life sort of l a meaning and purpose.

2. The Critic

This part of you tends to dismantle all your Dreams and outline the problems with your Vision. This is the part that makes you stop instead of move forward, but this sub personality itself isn't something bad. Actually it is crucial for achieving the Dreamers vision through the third part of yourself.

3. The Realist

The realist combines the Dreamer and the Critic in a realistic way. What and how can you actually achieve something.

The Critic without its Dreamer is worthless, and the Dreamer without its Critic...well just a Dreamer, but both need the Realist to work things out. Once the Realist has aligned all the good and the bad it's time to turn of everything all the feelings and thoughts to start with the execution.


It is interesting to get aware about these subpersonalities of yourself and learn to handle them to your advantage.

We tend to jump between the Dreamer and Critic leaving out the final ingredient - a consensus (ha blockchain) through the Realist in yourself!

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I am going to do coaching next year as education ans thata NLP coaching I will be doing :D

Nice! :D you coaching NLP to others? Definitely a cool topic to talk about!

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Sounds very interesting. You remember the title of the book? Worth reading something about this topic.

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Sorry dont remember it, it was German I think. You probably watch some NLP YouTube Videos as well ;)

Here is a good one:

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