Climbing to the top

in life •  2 years ago 

Hello everyone! Do you know the feeling, when you achieve results? I can compare it to conquering the mountain. First you look at the top from afar, you think, it's unrealistic to climb the mountain. Then you still decide to do it and go on a journey. Gradually the top of the mountain disappears from your sight, you think you have chosen the wrong path, but you keep going forward. Sometimes in the middle of the road you want to throw everything and turn back, but perseverance does not let you do it... You gather strength and keep going. And here is one day you see the top of the mountain, you know, what a great way you have done, you have a second wind... You go forward faster and faster. And here you stand on top of the mountain! This is an indescribable feeling, at this moment you realize, that your efforts were not in vain, all the tests seem to you a trifle. You are proud of yourself and you deserve it!


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In the maslow's hierarchy it is called self achievement 👌 good writing 👏👏

Life seems like one giant climp up your own personal mountain!
You never reach the top until the day you die!
Enjoying the journey is what life is all about!
You'll always have ups and downs or twists and turns but depending how you handle those situations is how your life will ultimately end up!
Thanks for the post and reminder!
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Perseverance is a determining factor in the achievement of our goals. Sometimes, as you very well say, we want to abandon the road, return and sink into failure, but we keep walking and walking until we see the top of the mountain, maybe we get exhausted but the satisfaction of having achieved it is a beautiful reward.

Loved your post!

Oh yeah, best feeling in the world!

Great photo :)

Wow, I totally understand what you say, and the way you linked it to the top of the mountain. I believe that if we really want to be successful in our lives and achieve our goals and objectives, we must have the correct habits and attitudes that will keep us on track. There are a series of characteristics that we must acquire and maintain for life to discover that more opportunities and good things are about to happen, if we only allow them.
We must never forget that we are responsible for the results of our actions, and that we become what we think of ourselves. You always have to go forward and never give up!
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