Update: Etika Still Alive? Ughm, Quite Possibly…JMHO

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UPDATE: No need to read this post, as it seems a body, believed to be Etika, has been found in the river, about a half mile from his belongings. I guess we’re saying R.I.P. Etika. For those who still remain in earthly form, and think suicide is the answer, please click to read the post below.

Etika Reminder Suicide is Not a Panacea

Even though the odds are slim, it could be that Etika is still alive.

A huge part of me senses that he is still on this side.

Did he really have the courage to jump off the Manhattan Bridge?

Yes, courage.

It is a very courageous act to stare Death in the face and say, “Get outta’ my way.”

Jumping…no, first, climbing up onto the rail of a bridge isn’t born of one with a sane mind. And, once the courage to bolster atop, pondering the letting go gives most pause to ‘do this another day’.

But, I digress.

Could Etika be pranking?

Yes, I know; his belongings have been neatly recovered.

A watch…replaceable.

A phone…replaceable.

An i.d. …replaceable.

Of course, all of these are things that make one believe he really followed through.

However…no…HOWEVER, a recent update says that he recently changed the locks on his apartment, and most suspicious...his gaming monitors are conveniently missing.

Rme…looking left….(a little humor laced with a ton of optimistic prayers of hope in this mystery)…

Fast-forward a few hours and a little bit of YT research, it seems that Etika has an extensive social-media history. I won’t discuss the details; but, let’s just say there is a dark side to the internet and he found himself a part of it, in conjunction with becoming a YouTube ‘bawla’ who got dethroned for disturbing content. Added to that, after several mental episodes he admitted to becoming, in his own words, a god unto himself…never a good thing. And, though he had a girlfriend boasted of having homosexual encounters.

I could go on; but, clearly his persona is someone somewhere between needing help and being an entertainer for his fans where virtual life meets reality.

Of course, this is all jmho.

Do I think Etika is still alive?

In one word, let’s just say: Yes.

Do I think he will surface again?


Do I have any proof?

Nope…as stated, jmho.

He clearly wanted to move away from social-media stardom for a time.

What better way to do that than to go into a cash/crypto economy.

No matter what one might think, I don’t think he is a quitter. (Shrugging my shoulders).

I could be wrong; but, let’s just say I won’t be surprised if he shows up with a new phone, new watch, and even a new i.d, after he gets his fill of seeing what those ‘he left behind’ are saying about him.

Of course, when beneficiaries start selling his property and depleting his bank assets acceptance will set in.

One last thought: Perhaps, the saddest thing of all in this VR-drama is that gaming can lead one into a very dark realm. I do believe the research that it can ‘rewire’ thought processes. I do believe that some people attempt to carry the virtual realm into reality, i.e. mass shootings. I do believe it can create sensory overloads leading to psychosis.

And now, the saddest of all of this VR-drama is that Etika had no one to tell him about his true Higher Power; and His Son, Jesus Christ. Or maybe he did have some people who attempted to teach him; but, as he noted, pushed them away. He often spoke of ‘gods’ which is quite popular in dark games.

We’ll see.

Prayers remain for his safe return; and, that he’s hiding out for a while.

The fact that there’s no body helps keep hope alive.