Are You Serious? No Drug Test Required for Buying Firearm???

in #life11 months ago

Okay. Tell me if I got this right.

On learning that the Dayton Ohio shooter lied on his application about whether he used drugs, you’re going to tell me that one does not have to take a drug test to buy a firearm?

I am reminded that to work as an unarmed, minimum wage security guard, one has to pass a drug test.

But, to buy a firearm, one does not have to pass a drug test?

Oh dear goodness, whose side is the law on?

Forget mental health exams. Anybody can fake sanity long enough to get what they want. It's a bit like suicide. People can fake no intent to harm themselves; then get released and blow their brains out.


If you’re into politics and contacting your officials, demand that passing a drug test should be required for purchase of a firearm of any kind.

What say you?



May I ask you why you used the tag anarchy?
I ask this because the post is clearly asking for more statism.

Hi, I'm that kid seeking attention. I wanted a discussion, and know that I usually get into a lively back and forth with at least one person in this group on the topic of anything government 'nonsense'.

Thank you for the upvote and the feedback!..... that like apologies....relevant even if by a stretch...;+)