Andrew Yang Quite Possibly POTUS 2020 Democratic Nominee

in #life11 months ago

Okay. In the 2nd Democratic debate, Andrew Yang layered up. He wore a jacket, and looked quite presidential.

I presume, if he wins a nod for the next debate, and I suspect he will, he will add a tie to show us the full-effect POTUS attire.

He even alluded to the fact that many focused on the fact that he was tieless in the first debate; and, used it to promote what politicians should be focused on…

Click the link below to hear Yang in full effect at the 2nd debate.

I remain a fan, and could really see him rising in the polls because he knows his math; he knows his facts.

Would I vote for him over Warren? Ughm….probably; because he's a new look, an underdog of sorts, with a new plan.

If the U.S. could elect a senator to POTUS, and a reality tv-star, I think Yang has the credentials to be the next POTUS.

Now, I say all of this because I don’t think anyone in the political arena can win against current POTUS. I think there’s too much infighting to get a solid candidate.

Yang might be the dark horse.

Here’s the link detailing why he remains high on my list of potential winners.