2K18 Billion-Dollar Lotto Winner Wisely Claims Prize

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Wow. If I ever got a tattoo, the word BELIEVE would be illustratively written on my inner forearm, or back shoulder. Go big or just don’t go, as the font would be, eh, big enough to see…no 16 font here.

Anyhoo, that’s so indirectly related to the topic for this post, let’s just move on.

Now, imagine picking up your lotto ticket and learning that your Quick Pick matched all the winning numbers; netting you a pre-taxed value of 1.5 Billion, with a B, dollars.

My heart panics just thinking about it.

Why panic? Well, because I would know God has something huge for me to do.

Sitting on this gift, with as many needs as the world has, just wouldn’t be an option. He'd have a plan for it; and, I was just the chosen vessel. Spending a dime off the Plan would scare me; thus, the anxiety.

Well, holding a ‘billion dollar’ ticket is exactly what some very blessed person experienced recently.

While some were holding on to dear life as a horrific tornado blew through Alabama, this person was processing thoughts/plans for this huge, life-changing windfall of a whole other kind.

What a world…what a world.

Ten percent of 1.5 Billion is 15 million dollars. In comparison, that’s not a lot of money; but, that is the tithe.

I expect that I’d start with rebuilding every house that the tornado destroyed, for the just and unjust alike (Matthew 5:45).

And, I’d still have a long way to go to spend that 15 million; but, spend it I would in the first 72 hours of deposit.


Rhetorically speaking, what would you do if you woke up a mega-mega millionaire.


Hey…just so I don’t end up on Jesus’ ask not have not list…feel free to deposit a mill into my btc account…Congratulations, and thank you!...lol… (James 4:2).

Of course, I understand your desire to remain anonymous with the deposit, as you so chose when you claimed your prize…so no proglem a’tall….

Ah….i so cra’…lol…

Maybe…never know…thus; my ‘tattoo’:

BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ and ye shall be saved. (Acts 16:31).

Lotto Winner Claims $ Anonymously


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