The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

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The Devil's triangle, infamously referred to as the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, is a geographical region located in the North Atlantic Ocean(the region of the Atlantic that lies in the northern hemisphere), just southeast of the United States.


Although a few credible sources have dismissed the fact that it is a mystery, I personally would disagree, due to reasons that this zone is responsible for the disappearance of a lot of ships, boats and airplanes (over 79 ships in total, and a few hundred airplanes) with no probable explanation for it. Flight 19(a United States Military torpedo bomber aircraft went missing in this region in the year 1945, and so did its rescue plane.
Reasons for the unusual disappearances have been faulted on aliens, and a few folklore talk about the presence of spiritual beings in this zone, hence the name, 'Devil's Triangle'.


Scientific explanations for this 'region of misfortune' as I nicknamed it, claim that air bombs moving at the speed of over 170 miles per hour, possess the capability to cause waves on the ocean which in turn causes ships to capsize and sink down the bottom. These air bombs, which contain wind travelling at a very high speed, at a height of 45 feet can easily dismantle an airborne aircraft. Most of these theories haven't been verified, though.

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Writing about the Bermuda triangle reminds me of an old movie, The Perfect Storm.

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