I'm Gonna Get Real Here For A Minute. Who I Am + Where I'm At.

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Let Me Get Real

So.... many of you have gotten to know me and have heard my story. This is for those who haven't and those who might be inspired from my story.


I may not be what you would call beautiful in this picture but this photo means a lot to me. In this photo was only 2 days clean from injecting heroin, meth, molly, bath salts and from smoking synthetic weed. I'm sure some people would say "well that is some fucked up shit" but as of today I am 1 year 1 month and 2 days clean from all of that and more.



This is a recent photo of me. I've since put on 25lbs of healthy weight. This is a photo of me and my daughters mother. Shes clean in this picture also. Since though she had gone back out to using and is now back in a rehab. The reason I am posting this is because there is a lot of addiction going around the world at this time. I just want to show people that addiction is a struggle. Most importantly though it can be overcome. Not every drug addict is a waste of human life. Not every drug addict is a failure piece of shit. The only one that can save an addict from being consumed though is themselves. I've found that if I didn't truly want to get clean it wasn't going to happen.


In The End

I am now a living working part of society. If I didn't keep working this program that I am I could easily think it would be a good idea to use again. Drugs will romance you. That is the main issue you can hide from all of your pain when you use. That seems to be the biggest issue has been finding a new way to live. If that doesn't happen then the addict will stay in active use. Well don't want to bore you just figured I'd show that we can recover.

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