A rough few months and now the loss of a friend. Sound Legion takes a serious step back.

in life •  5 months ago

I have made a few posts recently sharing some of my dramas over the past few months.   Some heavy travels and illness mixed with an over loaded work schedual.    For me this end the dark times are yet to clear as this last week a good friend of mine James Paul Grain passed in a tragic car accident in Portland Oregon.    His brother David is a long time very close friend and we all attended highschool together.   JainyP the youngest of 4 brothers was a pharmacy technician, poet and artist who over the years has always given me so much encouragement with my music.   I am at a loss this week for words coming off a long hard trip to the UK.    My deepest thoughts and love go out to the families including the Young family who I know is suffering a great deal in this time.  

I am quite behind on my work this last week and need some reflection time to get my head in order its been one smack after another for me these last months, these last weeks in particular.  For those waiting on me for projects I apologize for my delays, and absence and hope you will send out good vibes that the end of this year brings ease and comfort.   10 years strong on my musical journey I most certainly will be back on my feet here soon.   

I wish I had more encouraging words to offer in this time I am just feeling the melt.    There are a handful of folks who think I am shluffin them off in this time and a few have been giving me a hard time.   To those all I have to say is this is nothing against you,  this is life, in its up's and downs and I am just one girl who happens to take on a bit much, for this time, its more than I can chew up. I dont expect to be back on my game for another couple weeks as there are a few things that need not be put off and get sorted in the immediate now.  

With love

Shavon Bonnie Legion 

James poetry inspired my original song "The Unknown"  This song has been heavy in my ears over the last few days as I have been reflecting many many things.  Thanks again James for your inspiring words and amazing poetry, your gentle heart and free spirit. 

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We love you too, my friend and do not worry about your temporary absence, I'm waiting for your music always, which pleases me. Well done! Thank you Bonnie

Unfortunately, there are circumstances when we have to postpone a favorite occupation. With impatience we will wait for the return. You have wonderful music and songs.

Condolences my friend, shit like this is never easy but I’m sure you will pull through it all and come out stronger than before. ❤️🖤❤️🖤

Very sorry to hear you lost a good friend.

My condolences and sorry for your loss. Sending the warmest hug.
Life imposes the speed of things, rushing it can only make us sick ir even make us stop loving what we love. Set your pace, does not matter how fast but the factvof going forward. I sense there havevbeen some health issues, been there myself, not stalling, catching a breath

Like the mist

And then move on further on

Big hugs.

I am condolent to you, my friend, and I wish you great courage in overcoming this grief, but I assure you that I will always wait for your songs and how much it will be. I'm with you!

Ohooo its very sad news you lose your close friends,Friends are more important in our life,hopefully your good friend come back soon.and your is so attractive.i will listen your whole song,wonderful back ground music,very amazing lyrics,very attractive voice,thanks for sharing,

You have my condolences. I know the pain of loss all too well. You'll get past this time more than likely stronger than before. Life is hard so maybe turn that pain into some art. Peace and love your way lady <3

So sorry for your loss, Bonnie.
Take all the time you need...
We'll miss you at the Mashup - but we'll feel you there with us in spirit for sure!
Much love.

Hey Bonnie, I'm sorry to hear about your friend! :O
It's always to lose someone close to you..
Hope you are doing ok and if you need to talk you know i'm there too!
Take care and take all the time you need!

Indeed a good song that can comfort you at this time. I am sorry for your loss Bonnie. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Death molds and changes you as I learned. Blessings @soundlegion.