Are You a Watcher?

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Some people watch other people from afar. They don't say a thing, they prefer their actual personalities to remain hidden and they want their actual opinions and thoughts to remain secret. They might follow you secretly, they might like you secretly and they might destroy you secretly.

There is pleasure in doing that, of doing something to someone and them not even notice it. It is a life choice to be a watcher. Some of these watchers have a dark presence. They do everything in secret and sometimes you won't notice they are doing it and sometimes they get caught. Sensitive people are their enemies. Because those sensitive enough will understand those hidden facets of their personalities. The watchers hate sensitive people because that means they prevent them from furthering their plans, if they are in the process of doing it.

They often have some plans that they develop in their mind secretly that no one knows about and often no one understands only later. They often execute their plans over a long period of time. They wait patiently for it to reach full maturity. They like to make it longer so that the joy and excitement they get from succeeding in their plans would be greater. This kind of behavior is more like an obsession with gaining control over a situation. They probably have lost this control in the past and that made them to stay away from any genuine contact and create this secret persona to establish contact with people. These people are incapable of being their true selfs and expressing how they really feel. They are unable to feel vulnerable since feeling vulnerable means losing control and that is not acceptable at all for them.

They are sometimes seen as the one who does not socialize with a group but they are not all like that. There are introverts and there are watchers. Introverts like to be by themselves because this is what they want and that is their nature, but the watchers like to be in a group but they can not and they often don't allow themselves to feel that joy of belonging to a group, so they watch it from afar. Its like they feel they don’t deserve companionship because something deep down prevents them from doing that. A deep hurt, a fear of rejection and so on.

A watcher does not believe himself to be capable of being a leader and they pride themselves of criticizing other peoples mistakes. They pride themselves of these criticism, they think they are the best judges of character, and are happy about these judgments. They are afraid of taking a risk and they watch other people take risk, but they don's do it themselves. They even give good suggestions, but they don’t do it themselves. They even have good ideas but it is buried under their insecurities and fears that is piled up by past bad decisions and bad people who hurt them. They are prisoner in their own mind and they can escape and their only escape is criticizing others and making comments about how they should act and how they should not. They are often became supporters of another powerful person who is less intelligent and less creative than them ad this because they don’t take action themselves to become the leader and are rather become the puppet of someone else or this could take some extremes and they could become watches from afar and do nasty stuff. The anger they feel prevents them from going afar in this life. They must control it.

Hey watcher! It is OK to not feel welcomed and loved. Most people are shallow anyway. It helps to be honest with yourself and find out your interests and find a group of people who cherish your interest and remember that not all people are the same and it is your job to find the ones that you are comfortable sharing your genuine emotions with and it is easy to get caught up in the dramas of people who take advantage of you and you being the one to take revenge and giving them power over you because of the past hurt. It is important to heal from that past hurt before engaging with other people. Some people will feel sorry for you and some will take advantage and there are people who just don't care. Dismiss these people immediately and don't let them get to you because they will if you allow them. If you found people who care, never let them go, they are hard to find and if sharing is difficult for you, explain to them that this is difficult and you are not ready. Everything is possible in this world and surprises are always ahead waiting to knock at your door. Don't let these dark feelings of past hurt get to you to the point of no return. Good Luck!

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