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Outside, and turning the computer off.

Here in Argentina the kids have taken over the schools, refusing to attend classes or even leave at night, in protest to educational reforms (having to spend a few weeks "on the job" in their last year of school); the parents aren't doing anything about it, the faculty and police are doing nothing about it... the only ones doing anything about it are the politicians and media (and all they are doing is talking).
I feel like smacking the parents upside the head would be a great start (figuratively speaking, of course).

The former President, already under intense criminal investigations and heavy conspiratorial activities, is poised to take a senate seat next month - putting her in good standing for a presidential run next election. Even though her investigations range from the potential homicide of someone investigating her allegedly fraudulent financial activities to millions and millions of missing dollars (and, of course, connections to foundations which abused government grants and monies given to them by her administration - some of which already have members in jail or facing trials), if elected into official federal office none of it will matter. Such positions would grant her immunity to anything she is facing now.
I think she should be thrown in prison, not allowed to run for office or buy her way out of judicial punishments as she had done before (paying to suspend her house arrest in favor of a few weeks spent touring around Europe).

There is also much debate as to whether the federal police murdered/disappeared a supporter/protester of the Mapuche Tribal Land Disputes (Santiago Maldonado). This being a very big deal in a country where just less than 50 years ago the military dictatorship running Argentina disappeared thousands upon thousands of "protesters" for reasons of silencing them and/or using them as breeding stock to sell babies to the rich.
I think I'm just going to keep my big, fat mouth shut on this one. I don't know enough about it
(other than A.C.A.B. 1312).

So much more going on, but I digress. I'm just enjoying the early arrival of Spring (now the official arrival) and doing my best to mind my own business. Watching the plants jump to life, listening to the birds yelling at each other, feeling the breeze on my skin.

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And... of course, "senior class trip (one week's vacation in the very high-class city of Bariloche)" brings a rapid end to the strike.
What does any of this tell you about society (oh yeah, they're investigating a rape that supposedly occurred during this strike while the kids were partying and sleeping in the schools all night long...).