Red Ferraris are poor taste

in life •  3 months ago


"Only insecure people drive bright red Ferraris" - this seems to be the implicit message you get in Luxembourg. People who simply want to enjoy their wealth choose a different color - like plain white in the above picture.

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I agree, for example white and black look much better in my opinion!


I've seen some nice blue ones too. White on the other hand sits so awkwardly on a Ferrari! It implies modesty! How can one be "the modest owner of a Ferrari coupé" ?


Indeed, the white ferrari would make people think about life... in general :D

I think the same goes also for the Lamborghini in Switzerland :) I see more white cars.IMG_1782.jpg


Maybe it's a trend then ? It has become fashionable? Although the Lambo in your picture seems a more assertive nuance of white.

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Maybe it's trendy, a very good instrument or just a coincidence.