What would you do if you weren't afraid?

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It's an interesting question, my dad and I always ask ourselves the same question and we always say theories about that.

First, before answering your question, we must know that fear, as long as it is not irrational, is the perception of a danger. It is a defense mechanism installed in our brain that acts as an alarm and prevents us from bad things by being alert to that.

If we were not afraid, we would probably be dead and we would never have reached adulthood since we might have pulled a balcony playing Superman or cross the street with our eyes closed, or we would approach poisonous snakes.

We have two types of fears:

  • Rational: it is innate and develops at an early age as a child and prevents us from performing acts that attempt against our life.
  • Irrational: It is that fear that responds to an imaginary threat and can degenerate into tension, fear, anxiety, but above all phobias. That is, you imagine a situation that could happen and that can affect you

Now, excessive irrational fear shows a problem. Since fear becomes an impediment to move forward in our lives and makes our minds play with us becoming cowards before things.

It is said that fear is the worst limitation a person can have but, it depends on fear because if your fears are: "Uff ... what fear, I could not do it"; "That is very difficult, I am incapable"; "I can not do it, what if something bad happens to me? you will never achieve anything in your life, we always have to take risks.

But I think that fear is very important because let's give an example: You find a hungry lion in a zoo cage and there is no fear in you, so you open the cage and you go to the lion and guess, the lion eats you and murders you ... if you had been afraid you would never have gotten into the cage.

So in conclusion, according to my opinion, fear is necessary in life because it puts you to think and analyze the situations that are presented to you and when overcoming fear, be rational or you do not feel satisfaction with yourself and likewise alerts you to dangers that can harm your life ...

I hope I have clarified your question ...

greetings !!

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