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[ New Update ] 🔉

GB whatsapp

"Version: 5.90

What's new in v5.90

[Update] database updated for 2.17.296 [Enabled] recovery feature - you can Now delete sent messages (you can Select any message - to open options and click on "Recall") [New] Exclusive Added Dialer FAB in the Calls Tab, using which You can send Msg and Call to the unsaved Numbers (Go to the Calls Tab and Press the FAB for the Keyboard) [New] Super Exclusive Custom Media Auto-Download ( you can Now choose to which specific contact or group that you want to download automatically) [New] Exclusive Custom Privacy to Hide the Status Display. [New] "Exclusively Back Now", You can Play Videos in your Favorite external application MX (or any other) (Mod 6.19) [New] Added Option to send Original Images (Mod 5.5) [Enabled] Album Feature to send more than 3 Pictures. [Enabled] the State of the Text - you can Now load the State of the Text [New] Added a option for GIF Tenor/Giphy (Mod 6.18) [Enhanced] Message Scheduler - you can Now Edit the Scheduled Messages. [New] Added Emoji Search [New] Added Option to Disable the Message Counter (Mod 6.17) [New] Now you can Share apk directly through the file manager and then select WhatsApp [Fixed] Auto-Backup chats at 2 in the morning [Added] Turkish Language Support [Up To Date] Spain And Italy Translation [Fixed] Message Scheduler on KitKat Phones. [Fixed] Emoji Icon Color. [Fixed] WhatsApp.Registry Other stability fixes ...

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