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The London Crew of Appics is now back in Germany after two successful days at the Blockchain Expo Global. Pictures and videos will follow but now it is time for a new episode of #BecomeHealthy

The keys To Your Core

When it comes to being fit and active, the core provides the foundation of a strong body to build upon. Most people think of a killer six pack when it comes to the core, but actually it is compromised of so much more! Indeed, numerous specialists really incorporate all the muscles in the body with the exception of those in the arms, legs and head. So when we discuss our center overall, we are referring to the following:

  • Abs & the deeper abdominal Muscles 
  • Obliques 
  • Backs and Shoulder Blades 
  • Hips and Glutes

Since the center includes such a different scope of muscles, we have to guarantee we create these muscle gatherings, as opposed to simply concentrating on the part we see the most - the abs!


What Does The Core Actually Do?

The center is the aggregate term for the muscles of the waist - essentially your shoulders down to your hips. These muscles interface your abdominal area to your lower body, affecting how your body moves, it's steadiness and furthermore the quality and power that the body can produce. If your core is imbalanced or weak, your everyday movements will be effected negatively!

In short, the core does the following: 

  • Provides stability to the body whether it is still or moving. 
  • Helps to coordinate the upper and lower body in everyday life, as well as when performing sports and challenging physical movements. 
  • Supports your posture. 
  • Generates power and strength when you exercise.
  •  Helps to prevent back, shoulder, knee and hip pain, as well as many other injuries!

The more stationary we are, or the additional time we spend sitting, the more casual our muscles progress toward becoming, particularly the center! And when the muscles relax, it becomes increasingly challenging to activate them and in turn strengthen them. This is the reason preparing the center is such a key part in the vast majority's practice program. On the off chance that you have issues with your center, it can affect your capacity to finish even the most fundamental activities.

How Do I Strengthen My Core?

You might think "Can I just do more sit ups?"

Well, actually sit ups are not the BEST way to improve your core. Yes, they do train a part of your center but in request to prepare it appropriately, you should stretch out somewhat further. 

It is actually very difficult to engage the deep muscles within your core. Since it includes muscle groups on both the posterior and anterior of the body, in order to keep the body balanced, you will need to complete exercises that train both sides.

Core Exercises

I´ve been doing a muscle building program for almost 8 weeks now. I had the chance to read an E-book about the keys to the core and I thought this is perfect for my #BecomeHealthy series! Here are some of my favorite exercises that will help to strengthen and define your core.

No matter what your training level is, you are able to do the following movements. Add it to your normal daily activities or include them into your training program. I like the fact that you are able to do these exercises anywhere! You don´t need any equipment and it only takes 30 minutes. 

Bird Dog 

Dead Bug


Reverse Plank

Side Plank


Core Program

This is actually a plan that I got through my E-Book. All rights reserved to WorkoutsByKatya.

This plan takes you from beginner to intermediate over to advanced! You can perform it before your actual workout or as a stand alone session at any time. 

If some of these exercises do not feel challenging, keep focusing on the correct posture. 


Maximising Core Training

  • Don´t hold your breath
  • Keep your spine neutral
  • Activate your mind-muscle connection

Now we know how to strengthen our core and why it is so important. If you want start this journey with me, don´t forget to tag me in your posts. I would love to see your results! 

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 

( E-book, inspiration & information by Katya Elise Henry )

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Good stuff and steemians should be happy to have you onboard.
Definitely will pick up some line.
We all need to be fit and ready to go.
Keep on steemin'

My core strength went to shit during the crypto boom in 2017 but I'm back now!




Hold up @brianphobos


Hey, thanks for sharing this with us! I will try the exercises next time in the gym =)


Let me know how you like it

Let us always take care of our body, as the only place where we really live. I like this post.


Yes, so true...

Nice explanation , interesting content.



Wow very nice post, this will really help mostly the ladies to strengthen their core. The core exercises will help to make them be fit and looking lively. It will also help to prevent stomach fat or any other fat in the body. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post, and the photo is so beautiful.


This is not only for women, it is created for everyone who wants to strengthen their core! But I am glad you like it and maybe you´ll try it out next time in the gym


Awesome I will really try it when am in the gym or even in my bedroom, 😁I really like to strengthen my core. Oh yes I love this post. Thanks

Absolutely awesome work you do to steemians to update core exercises. It giving amazing benefits to our life. Easily find and then do. Schedule given by you. It's muscle controlling process.


You´re right. It takes time to see progress but it´s worth it

very looking photography post...
i appreciate your life...
thanks for sharing...


Thanks :)

@soldier, Well explained how to do core program via schedule in levels like as beginners, intermediate. Also you showing advantages there an graphical gif valuable how to do it. Totally amazing healthy article.


Glad you like it!!

I'm pretty interesting to see #becomehealthy article again in your rest time. I know you very busy with appics. But you didn't forget posted to steemit. I've never heard before some of core methods. But your lesson must be important to me how to do that.


Yes, I am busy at the moment but I won´t forget my Steemit community! :)
Let me know if you tried these exercises

You win this time! Let's become healthy. Together with Bird dog and a dead bug, I'm ready to do the plank!

Wow! Great and amazing post.
Awesome article ma'am.🤗💜
Fitness is the main key to success.
I really appreciate your work ma'am that you posted a valuable post to become healthy and stay fit in our busy life.💙

Nice content.

Thanks @soldier for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

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The timing of this post couldn't have been more perfect! I just started the Apple Cider Vinegar detox/weight loss/ better wellbeing regimen yesterday in a new effort to get my Beach Body exactly where I want it come June.
I look forward to reading more of your posts.
I'm going to start my ACV Blogging Journal for Steemit to show the hopeful positive outcome of the diet and training training

I'll wait to watch appics Germany video from next post @soldier. You give experienced service to community. Those keys better to follow us. Nice description there. Thanks and have a great day.


Content is coming soon :)
Glad you enjoyed the article of today, have a great day too



I don't know where you got the idea for that, but I can imagine that your entire mid-section is totally engulfed in flame. I'm curious as to how long you can handle that. It burns just to watch.

Thank you very much for the tips mam. it can help me to be fit.☺

Your so sexy your body is awesome

Reverse Plank , the first time I know , sis

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The article is very informative. And the difficult things are very simple to describe. Many of them will benefit from it. Especially those who want to strengthen the body. The use of the photo makes the text vivid.

Wow this are amazing tips no one can stay as fit and as motivated as you great to see you again.

Fantastic, a strong core is like a Good foundation for the rest of your body.
As well good chosen exercises.


It has been a few years since I was able to do any exercise really and I feel my mind and body have suffered.

My biggest problem is I am a born swimmer and as such it is the only thing I really enjoy but the logistics of doing it regularly are complicated which in turn is a disincentive to exercise in general especially gym work.

However these exercises seem well thought out and simple enough I think i will find a way to do them.

Thanks for sharing.

My key to success is follow @soldier,really you are the one who had created impact on my life,love your attitude and the way you blog here,

This is simply superb work,great to see you again this are really the keys no matter who you are need to follow this tips.

Well written @soldier! I'm happy that you cleared up the misconception between abdominalis and core. 👊🏾

I think these 5 exercises are great for a strong core. Thanks for sharing, and I shared on twitter so people can get in good shape for the Summer!

Thanks for sharing it dear its now time to work harder and stay focused great post you shared :)

#BecomeHealthy is going to be viral thanks a lot about the planks and how to do,keep posting @soldier.

Your work deserve appreciation because the way to you have explained how to strengthen your core and I also get rid of excessive fats is nice. I also try to do this...

Hope to see more from you :)


You got me hooked now!

Bookmarking this post!

Thanks @soldier


Plank is something a tough one but if you are with us we can do it with ease such an amazing motivation blogger you are.great job @soldier.