The Craziest Natural Phenomena - Part I

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You may have seen my series "Natures Beauty" so you have maybe already recognized that I am a lover of nature. Its a huge influence on my trips that I take because I want to visit places which aren´t touched by human beings if possible. Raw nature is what I love the most and where I feel completely free. Anyway, I have recently seen a few articles about natural phenomena and really want to share some of these informations with you...

The nature is very magical for me. It teaches you to be truly yourself. If you take a walk in mothers nature, you´re 100% on your own. You need to make decisions and nobody else is responsible for that. There are some things in life which have no logical explanation and you have to trust your gut feeling. You need to believe in yourself and you will experience the greatest freedom which you will ever feel. One thing that nature teaches you is to live in the moment. I believe it must be a great feeling to be at a place without wifi, without a telephone and no technology. (Of course just for a period of time) The sun will wake you up and the sunset tells you when the day is over. You need to live in the moment without thinking about the future or the past. There will be hard days which you do not want to experience a second time but at the end of the day you are able to fly back home, eat some good food and have memories for life! I could go on and on but this post is about natural phenomena and not about what you can learn from mothers nature...

The endless wave 

The endless wave occurs twice a year in Brazil when the Atlantic pushes huge quantities of water into the mouth of the Amazon River. The wave could reach up to 500km inside the country until it´s getting slower...


Blue lava

By the combustion of sulfur-containing gases at extremely high temperatures, this volcano in Indonesia provides blue-hot lava.


The Natron Lake in Tanzania

This one is actually really crazy and I didn´t know that something like that even exist. Sodium carbonate and salt in the water lead to a calcification on the body of the animals, which prevents their decay.


Rainbow trees 

These eucalyptus trees look like they have been painted but its actually all natural. As the tree slowly ages, it changes from bright green to darker green. After that follows a blue-ish to purple-ish color and then pink and orange. Finally the color become a brown-ish / chestnut color right before exfoliation. 


Luminous water in the Maldives

Responsible for this glow in the water is something called "Phytoplankton".


Trees full of spiderwebs

As a result of the flood in Pakistan, the spiders are forced to save themselves on the trees, where they naturally work on their nets. This looks so crazy, it starts to prickle under my skin when I look at those pictures...



I will stop here because I have many more natural phenomena to share with you and this was just Part I. I hope you find this interesting just like I did. 

The diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great, and the treasures hidden in the heavens so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment. - Johannes Kepler 

Stay focused 

Love, Soldier 

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i love your Posts

Thank you so much, really appreciate it

I also love the nature and I just simply feel refreshed when I'm in nature ! These are some awesome photos. The trees look amazing, really thought they are painted at first.

Nature is a place to get refreshed! Totally agree with you
I thought that too, looks incredible

These are fascinating natural wonders. I am looking forward to part 2. Now did you have to end with the spiders?

haha sorry for that... part II is coming soon

Thank you I look forward to part 2 and no more spiders.

All very cool, I'd most like to experience the luminescent waters in the Maldives though. That'd be other worldly magical.

True! More magic isnt possible for the eye

This post was really interesting. The euclyptus tree is amazing! Nature always amazes me.

Glad you liked it !

Great post. And as a Brazilian I would like to invite you to know the Amazon Forest, the biggest and most untouched forest in the world.

You´re from Brazil? I will definitely visit Brazil in the future! I have never been there and especially the Amazon forest sounds so interesting. Thanks for the advice ! Have you been there ?

Yes I am from Brazil, but you won't believe that I have never been there. But here on TV we watch a lot of documentaries about the Amazon. I am curious to go there.

Wow, that's some pretty amazing stuff you've gathered up here! Nature is such a wondrous and beautiful thing... as well as a great healer when we're going through those difficult patches in life. Looking forward to the next series!

Thanks for the great comment. Glad you enjoyed the first part!

Finally someone who feels as I do @soldier, there's just something magical about nature that changes us internally , brings out the best of us but also it's like the positive energy that you receive from nature that people may not be able to give you. Positive energy from plants , grass , trees , I might sound crazy but it's just a connection

I totally understand what you are talking about. The nature has a life too and there a different ways to connect with it!

Exactly ! Mentally and physically

wonderful post

Thanks :)

Really don't know how you found this kind of magic events, but are really awesome! O.O

wow the wave really blew my mind! I now have a new point on my list.
and it got topped by the natron lake.

Phytoplankton is very beatiful in maldives, hope 1 day i will visit that place

The tree is amazing, I still can not believe it!!!

Love the Pororoca *That Amazonas Beach), been surfing in there time ago and let me tell you that in here the real sport is not to fall. Under the water crocodiles and piranhas waiting to eat. Great Xperience!


I enjoyed the photos and the information so much! thanks for sharing them with us :)

Amazing post and so crazy nature fenomen.
Great videos and the big wave in Brazil. ☺️
The trees were crazy cool to.
Love the art tree so colorful and so beyond anything I have ever seen before.
Thank you for sharing
Followed up and Resteemed

This is actually some really good stuff. Cool finds!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Definitely live in the moment. Enjoy and cherish the feeling. Im living the moment now as im still lazying around in bed when i have work 30 minutes from now. :D
The luminous beach in Maldives feels so surreal. Amazeballs! :)

you always wow me with your posts... nature is simply breathtaking. i got to resteem this

Thank you for this wonderful post!
I love to meditate in middle of the nature, to get one with the earth.
There is a Documentary about the nature the name is Home. It is really special, specially for people like us who love the nature. I recommend it you will love it

Excellent post, greetings ..

Amazing! I never saw such natural wonders. Thanks/

Oh wow, I especially liked the colored tree and the glow in the dark water on the Maledives!! How awesome would it be to go swimming on a warm summer night amongst those sparkly lights!

Good post, never seen te rainbow tree before.

a tree full of spider webs??? that's a place i wouldn't want to stand under. and spiders don't normally bother me.

Wow rainbow trees?!!

Learned some new cool stuff, well done

Soldier that nature is totally raw dog. Super rawwwwwwwwww. Keep up the posts

thank you for sharing

you always impress with your post's such lovely pics
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for this information.

Thank you for sharing those beautiful and eye opening pictures. I have always enjoyed the wild places the best. I grew up in Idaho and was fortunate enough to enjoy backpacking trips to remote areas where there were few signs of humans existence. Those are my favorite places.

Amazing post! It is very interesting to see many Wow pictures in your post! Upvoted :D

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I liked your account
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Good luck

Can't wait for part two!

Excellent post. Thanks for Share!

Wow some really cool stuff, nature is amazing! The eucalyptus trees blew my mind, I'm going to see if I can grow them here in East Texas.

Great work .. loved it ..

wooow thanks for sharing. i would love to visit the Maldives ones, only to see the water. And the cocooned trees looks crazy!!!

Spiderweb trees! NO THANKS!

Amazing, I live in Pakistan and I didn't know about those trees. I will try to visit this place soon.
And a life without mobile, wifi, computers and other technology is awesome. I haven't lived that life but dreamed it many times!

Ah i misd this one. Great as ever!

Marvelous and relaxing!

Wonderful photos and videos thanx for sharing