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Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not.

If anyone got scared by reading the title... No, I am not taking time off of Steemit! I was absent during the last couple of days because I got the opportunity to support one of the most interesting crypto projects called APPICS. You might already heard about the blockchain based social media app but here are some informations if you are new to it! More impressions about the event where we attended will follow soon. Anyway, there is a chance to participate in the ICO after the pre-sale was sold out in less than 30 minutes! Join the official Appics Telegram Channel for any questions or if you want to partake in the ICO which starts in less than 2 days

Even though I hadn´t had enough time to write a blogpost, I still continued my #BecomeHealthy journey and now it is time to share it with you. This post is going to be a quick update before I have enough time to really sit down, grab a pot of tea and start writing... 

Living a healthy lifestyle isn´t only based on good nutrition or fitness. Your mindset is as much important as the rest! There are many health problems caused or exacerbated by stress which includes sleep problems, heart disease,  weight problems, depression or anxiety, pain of any kind, thinking and memory problems, digestive problems, Skin conditions, such as eczema and a lot more... So it is very important to learn how to stop stress when it wants to enter into your life. You have the power to close the door and ignore it. 

I personally need to follow a certain plan otherwise I feel stressed and can not focus enough on things I want to get done later. Now I am going to show you my top 3 tips to reduce stress in order to live a healthier and more ideal life. Please keep in my mind that these are tips based on my experiences and my character!

1. Meditation 

I tend to overthinking which leads to stress every time I dig deep into my thoughts. While meditating, I am able to shut down all negative and positive energies. I feel completely neutral and start to count my breath until my soul does the rest... 

2. Taking Time Off

Yes, you should be productive but if you start to feel exhausted and stressed, it is definitely time to relax and focus on only 1 thing. Do whatever you want to do such as dancing, cooking, reading a book or just painting with colors on a canvas. Focus on mainly 1 thing and try to forget about the rest.

3. 100% Natural Oils

When I feel stressed, I´d like to smell on some natural oils such as lavender, geranium and lemon. This trio of oils is shown to relieve stress, relax the body and clear the mind for a more restful and peaceful sleep. 

There are hundreds or thousands of tips and tricks but I just wanted to give a quick update to let you know where I have been for so long. I hope you still enjoyed reading it!

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 


Thank you for reminding...
"So it is very important to learn how to stop stress when it wants to enter into your life. You have the power to close the door and ignore it. "

It's okay to take a little time off on steemit and spend some time with yourself and your loved ones.

❤️ Upvoted.

Sure but I will stick to Steemit and will focus on my daily blogs. Of course I will take some time off but I don´t feel stressed at all. More blessed than stressed :)

I agree! Steemit or any Social Media site should never come between you and the ones you love!

Wow just amazing what a stunning article,though it looks simple there is lot there to understand.

definitely! Simple to understand but very helpful at the same time

wow ma'am are here 😚
Really nice to see after long time 🤗
Really its a superb content Written by you!
I'm thankful to see your content. Really ma'am I'm appreciate you. Nature i loved a lot, because nature is the only one things those created by god and its just awesome. I'm enjoyed your content a lot.

Thank you tetas! Appreciate your lovely words.

Wow!it's good comeback
It is good to overcome stress otherwise it can lead to depression but also cause severe headache which will cause mental disturbance, so you can't perform any work betterly...

Thank you, appreciate the lovely words!!

Wow just amazing what a stunning article
nice picture my friend @soldier

Thank you! This place was truly magical

I agree! Great picture!

Whats the name of this place??

healthy lifestyle is everyone's goal but no one wanna give up on bad things you are leading the change

True.. People tend to negativity and negative things but you need to stick with the positive even if its hard in the beginning!

Its hard to get rid of the bad habits in our lives for most I think.

Everything comes back to your belief systems.

mindset is a big thing in this and meditation plays a big role in controlling that :) thanks for sharing

Thank you, glad you like it

that's great to read got to learn something new today all credit goes to you thanks for sharing

Thank you!

Thanks for these tips time to be healthy and happy again i will try to follow these and big thanks for sharing

It is always time to be happy :)

time to take off some time and relax in nature that's going to be wonderful for me i think :)

Nature is the best place where humans could be

Useful tip for reduction of stress. Yes one should defenitely give time to himself because once you live and then live in a right way. Nature is a great healer and antidot of everything. Good Morning ! Cheers

Thank you for sharing you thoughts! Totally agree

You are such an inspiration for me.love your blogs a lot,no matter who we are need to follow these golden rules provided by @soldier.

Thank you sweetheart! I am so glad that these tips are helpful for you!

It is good to overcome stress otherwise it can lead to depression but also cause severe headache which will cause mental disturbance, so you can't perform any work betterly...

Yes you´re right! Stress isn´t good at all so we have to fight against it

Yes stress causes great trouble of life .l wish that you should also visit my blog to analyze my work..

Beautiful picture of you in surrounded by nature.
I so agree with you, your mind is as important for your health and your overall wellbeing as nutrition and fitness.
And those three steps you just mentioned as your plan are pretty much what I should do daily and mostly do, but I need to add exercise or just walk in nature, since that really releases stress and just makes me more productive and happier throughout the day.
I also use essential oils daily and I actually just posted one of my posts about it and they are a huge part of my life and my families life and our wellbeing.
I get so happy when I see people using essential oils.
Love the post @soilder as always.

I do use the oils for anti stress or sleep purposes. They can do wonders!
I totally agree with walking in nature to reduce stress. But not everyone is able to escape the noisy city so I thought I would mention 3 tips that everybody can try even at home!

Hello friend happy night, if in life we have to have a little time for ourselves it is very healthy, without stress we can not let it affect us. happiness is our best option, have a happy night @soldir

Great advice! Some rest and relaxation can do wonders. Most people don’t realize how bad stress is for you

True! Stress could cause so much damage to your body and mental health as well!

You are my favorite blogger,no matter which topic you blog you gonna inspire a lot of them,you are gonna create waves in steemit platform,thanks a lot for sharing this tips.

Ohh thank you my dear! This comment literally made my day so far.

This would be amazing post of controlling our stress. All of you know all peoples very busy with current working style. So no time to relax and less stress. Have some tips. But someone don't try to find and then follow. But steemians very lucky to follow you. You given your experienced tips to us. Above 03 steps totally accept for me.

Thank you, appreciate your support!

I wanna change my little steps with using your healthy tips mentioned here. I've meditation before. It's sometimes harder with un-silence location. My hope have crowded city. So need to find free time for go out my home to silence environment. Natural oil using seriously giving free mood to me. Smell is natural and fresh. Feel I'm going forest via oil smell. Time off actions need to keep life better. Outside activities tasks forget our busy and stress indeed working. Finally you gave completely perfect blog @soldier.

When it is too noisy around me, I love to put on headphones and listen to classical music. That helps me to calm down and relax

@soldier, You given awesome tip for reduce stress. Meditation already do for me less stress and relaxation. Absolutely I recommend meditation wanna totally clear stress if we using it without stopping. Other both things very cool and calm. I wait to see more tips via #BecomeHealthy. Stay Blessed.

Thank you! Mediation has for sure the most powerful asset than any other tips and tricks. You should do it daily !

thinking too much can sometime can cause too much stress for without any reason we have to over come that thinking and be calm

Natural oil i tried once and they definitely make the sense of relaxation instantly haven't tried that from a long time seems like i missed a big thing thanks for sharing this post

You are my greatest inspiration,i want to be stronger like you.physically and mentally.the amount of confidence you gave e is insane,you posts are having lot of influence on me,thanks you so much.

I am totally agreed with you @soldier
{Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not.}

you never gave up in between and continued the flow in real life that's important and the results can be seen :)

Thanks for sharing! Myself, I find the best thing for me is to get away from the city, out to the bush for a few days. The hiking, gathering wood, and just being out in nature brings me back to where I need to be. Keeps my mind off other things and keeps me busy doing something productive.

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When I come here I feel like my perverted soul starts healing.
Can't explain why. I only feel ashamed talking to such a pure existence like you :(

Meditation and taking time off can be incorporated together. I haven't tried natural oils yet. Perhaps I should look further into that.

some awesome tips you shared to live a peaceful without any stress naturally this is great publication by you :)

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