Steemfest 2 Diary | Conference Day 2

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The busy days are finally over and I have some time to sit down and tell you a little bit about the conference day 2 of Steemfest 2!

Left to right - @wandereronwheels  @soldier @sirwinchester @blackywhite

The first conference day was pretty successful. So many great speeches, amazing souls, great food and lovely hearts at one place. Talks from @ned @vandeberg @sneak @flacoin @mrs.steemit @jeff7 and many more... While we were sitting in conference room 1 at @sneak ´s speech, Bitcoin hit the $7000 mark! Definitely a reason to celebrate.

The second location was truly insane! @roelandp has surpassed my imagination for sure! The whole Steemit team did such an amazing job! Everything was well planned and the attendees just needed to be there. They took care of the transportation, food, drinks, time schedule, speeches, electronics such as microphones etc. and really cared if some one had any improvement wishes. I have heard that the first Steemfest was a little bit more intimate which wasn´t possible this time since the event had many more attendees like last year. 


It was early in the morning and our taxi driver was getting us safe to an location that was outside of the city center, more in a forest and difficult to guess what comes next.


We arrived just in time to attend @sterlinluxan ´s talk! He is a really good speaker, he gave a lot of information and also shared some personal stories! 

Next we went up to the balcony and lunch room. I had no idea what to expect since we arrived on a hill without any views, only a big house standing in front of us. When we arrived after the talk of sterlin, we were impressed of the location. You might have seen some sneak peeks from other posts here on Steemit. The sun was shining from abive and the view was literally so beautiful! We had a view all over the garden and city of Lisbon as well! 

The food was good just like the first day. We had spaghetti, nãtas, sandwiches, something Portuguese and a lot of wine and juices standing in front of us. There was also a bar where you could order everything. We do not drink alcohol that often so we switched between juices and gin tonic. 


@timsaid took out his drone and flew right above us. I have seen his footage and it looked epic! Can you spot us?

There was also a garden which really looked like a Disney movie. We used this place to shoot some spontaneous dance moves and have fun. 

We quickly went back inside and came just in the right moment where Ned had his talk and questions round. Some of you might have seen the livestream that I did but in case you haven´t - the interview was mainly about SMT and after that the community was able to ask some questions.


For the perfect ending, roelandp and his team organized a night of Steem. We had @sneak as a surprise DJ and everyone was impressed of his skills! We had a great night and great talks! Really a day to remember.


Thanks for taking this recap with me. I am so grateful for the amazing souls that I have met and the interesting conversations that I had. I can not wait for more Steemfests and the chance to meet some of you! 

>> Here is a video of the conference day 2 <<

video shot and edited by @thehipsterguru 

Stay focused

Love, Soldier

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Cool pics.
It is amazing to see how many pics was captured in SF2.
Keep on steemit.

the brown girl is your sister?

that must have been a great time my dear friend these stories and pictures are enough to explain how amazing this steem fest was.

Wow the dude in the white fedora is lit 🔥 lol. Looked like a great time!

It’s so sweet to share such lovely post with whom weren’t able to attend steemfest 2! And I bet it was an amazing reunion from your pictures, I mean how could it be not fabulous with so many considerate foods, speeches, parties so on! Cheers!🎉

Wow nice life

I'm glad you got to take in some of the cuisine.

Hopefully, this portends great things for Steemit's future.

Seems you enjoyed a lot, nice clicks

@soldier do you remember with this photo?


Oh! Great hope that you're enjoying Steemfest. I've also read your previous part about Steemfest. I enjoyed reading it. Thanx for sharing.....

I've got some cool video of you and @mrs.steemit from closing night party , probably will feature highlight video from steemfest

well done @soldier for Conference Day. have a nice day.

wow excellent post, great photos, nice places, you make them a great experience to all who read your adventures, a pleasure to comment your post @soldier, ! Its a nice and detailet review about the Steemfest, your look is fresh and atracttive, thanks for sharing, I invite you to take a look at the landscapes that I captured with my camera yesterday, Greetings from Mexico!
my favorite image of this post U5dr9QMftK1ui8MXQVWZwcyeYKHbfXZ.gif

I've seen various reports back from SteemFest, but you showed me how nice this second day location and environment was, as well as the food! Darn, I should have decided to come this year. Well, I promised some other Steemians I for sure will join version 3; I even try to convince someone to throw a Steem Dance party in Asia; SteemFest will then become a real Fest, I hope :)

Wow. It looks like you all had a great time and as always you look very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the picture and videos of the Steemfest. One day I'll be there with you guys celebrating.

You had a good time, so many positive emotions. An excellent article and a photo. Thank you.

Nice photography...
Looking awesome...
@upvote and followed

looks amazing soldier! nice dancemoves by the way!

It was great meeting you @soldier. You're one of the finest dancers I've met out there! It was really great learning about crypto and Bitcoin from @sirwinchester! Gonna make the best use of it and see how things are by next year ;) Thank you so much guys! :D

I am happy you enjoyed the steemfest, nice photographs, and information.

wow that was so cool looks like you had lots of fun out there :D awesome

Wow what a moves, I like !!

@smartbot tip @soldier 500

Awsome! Love it!!! :)


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