How To Get Up In The Morning #BecomeHealthy

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I´ve read so many comments below my recent post that my readers are waiting for a next #BecomeHealthy episode. I´ve been on this journey for exactly 20 days now and my results are pretty great. My body is felling better than ever and even my mind got stronger just like a mind of a soldier should be, right?  

I´ve always been trying to create content which my followers will like. I try to answer as many comments as possible and respond to almost every question on Steemit chat. In the last few days I got a request to write an article about how to get up in the morning because many people struggle by getting up early. I need to say that I have been a morning person when I was a child. I was the first one in the house who woke up in the morning at 6 AM in most cases, no matter what time I went to bed the last night. I still remember the mornings where I read some books or turned on my Nintendo DS to play some games before everyone else woke up.  It was actually a great things because it was no stress for me to wake up early to go to school. I was always awake on my own and didnt need an alarm. I was never late at school but being a morning person didn´t last for a long time... 

I can not remember when things got twisted but as soon as I grew up, I became a late riser but only because I started to stay up late at night. But since I am used to be on time in the morning, I literally have no problem at all to get up early if I have an important appointment or meeting. It is just a matter of your mindset. I do not drink any coffee or caffeine in general. I wake up, eat a little breakfast, get ready and start the day. I have no big secret it is just the way how I was raised. But of course I have some tips and tricks for you. 


1. Good Sleep

In order to get up in the morning and feel refreshed, you definitely need a good sleep. By good, I mean 7-9 hours of constantly sleeping. Your body needs to rest especially if your job is physically demanding or if your sitting in front of a screen the whole day. But be careful, even too much sleep isn´t good for you.

Sleep plays an important role in the brain, as the brain clears out waste byproducts, balances neurotransmitters and processes memories at rest. At both short and long extremes, rest may have an effect on mood and mental health.

2. Strengthen Your Mindset

Sometimes I feel like just staying in bed and cancel my appointments in order to close my eyes and go back to my dreamworld. Even my body feels exhausted like I carried a big truck all by myself. But my mind is the biggest motivation and I think you are capable to do A N Y T H I N G in this world if you believe in yourself and do not let negativity come towards you. When I have a meeting or need to get up early in general, I just think in my head that it is important for me to get up and this is what makes me successful and always on time! My mind is stronger than my body!

3. Prepare A Nice Meal Or Lay Down Clothes For The Next Morning

I love to prepare something for the next morning that will get me excited. It could be a nice meal, beautiful clothes or whatever comes into your mind. I just feel much more energized if something great is waiting for me...


4. Turn Lights On As Soon As Your Up

When you turn on the lights, you signalize your body that the day has already started which will give you a boost of energy. 

5. Do Not Snooze

People invented a "great" function which is called the snooze button. It is actually the worst invention for people who have problems in getting up in the morning. Whatever you do, please don´t go back to sleep once you´re awake. It can restart your sleep cycle and make you feel groggy for hours. There is actually an app which charges you 1$ every time you hit the snooze button. So please keep in mind that you should get up immediately after you heard your alarm ringing, at least this is what I do.

I hope these tips could help you a little bit. Before I close down and end this article, I want you to decide what you want to learn about next...

Food? Exercises? Tips & Trick? Whatever you like, feel free to write it down in the comment section below. 

Thank you for reading

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 

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Great advice! I like getting up early as well.. the idea of sleeping in always sounds good, but then I feel like I’ve wasted too much of the day lol

I feel the same. Sometimes I work until early in the morning but I still try to get up as early as possible 🙌🏼

Some good tips. I have started becoming interested in polyphasic sleep, where you only sleep for a couple of hours a night but have 2x 25 min naps during the day (there are different options).
It’s supposed to take a week or so to get used to but after that you are more refreshed and better rested despite only sleeping for a total of around 4 hours per day.
I am tempted to try it but it will be difficult in my current job.

This article gives an overview:

(Not my article)

This is interesting. I have never tried this technique. I just love a good sleep at night but I would love to hear your statement as soon as you tried it!

I have read that it takes some time to adjust. For the first week or so you are like a zombie but after that you become more refreshed etc and gain back about 4 hours a day! Imagine what you could do with an extra 4 hours a day!!

Great advice nice post as always i will try it.

Thank you! Hope it will help you

@soldier, I'm really interesting to read your encouragement post of tips about Get up in the early morning. Actually I accept you all mentioned here. I addicted some times ago, for night coffee drink. After read positive thinking book I changed my those bad attitude and now I can easily wake up morning. Before sleeping exactly want to mind meditation. Thanks for the letter and next time waiting to see about Food article. Have a nice day.

The next food article is hopefully coming on the following weekend. I´ve been very busy lately and I barely have time to cook but I will try my best!!

is that true that germans are like robots? they all woke up at 5 AM 🤔

Not exactly 5 AM but yes I think it´s true. Germans are most of the time very punctual but you should know it since you were raised here :P

Extraordinary work pleasant to peruse your post well being is riches and your tips are great expectation you have a solid life appreciate it.

Thank you! Appreciate the kind words

Very good advices, and im also glad too see that i fulfill nearly all off them aswell.
So i sleep good at night and wake up nearly the same time in the morning without a alarmclock.

That is great! A good night sleep is so important unless you wont get the needed energy for the day!

The New day starts with the new rules. Thank you

New Day, New Chance :)

Yes exactly first of all mind strength is needed, and then at least 8 hours sleep is necessary for a good mind and body, it enhances your body ability to improve digestive system, not only digestive every part of body. Sleep deprivation leads to so much complications.

Totally agree 🙌🏼


Excellent tips 'n tricks @soldier ! In my case I am a night own and earlieeee burd !! I find that my greatest rest is during my afternoonn'r rest-time nap. This allows you to recharge whatever mental power was lost during the day and also help you physically if your body was restless the night before. Keep up the great work and enjoy an evening / AM of passion and happy Zzz's!

A lot of people also suffer from Seasonal affective disorder during the winter months and there mood is greatly enhanced by sitting in front of a therapy light for a certain amount of time. Also, because the lack of sun, you have to take vitamin D supplements. Really takes a toll on the body going into work on the dark, sitting inside all day and then coming home in the dark.

This is very true! Our bodies need vitamin D which will provides us with energy.

thanks for sharing these tips dear it will help me a lot i am kind of lazy hahah :D

Laziness won´t bring you anywhere :P
Start focusing on what you want, it wont come by itself

After getting used to with smartphones, many people pass sleepless nights and they don't even remember how dangerous it can be! This is one nice post on healthy living. Thank you !

I totally agree with you!

It was meeee, ahahah! :O


I decided to called it Best Health lesson. You every time given information all about valuable things. Salute your effort to update steemains. I totally agree with your points. Need better sleep and get up earlier best attitude and good balance to good healthy.

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Thank you so much for your kind words

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

i am extremely attention-grabbing to browse your encouragement post of recommendations on stand up within the early morning. really I settle for you all mentioned here. I drug-addicted some times agone, for night low drink. once browse positive thinking book I modified my those dangerous perspective and currently I will simply come to life morning. Before sleeping precisely wish to mind meditation. Thanks for the letter and next time waiting to envision concerning Food article. Have a pleasant day.

Thank you for your suggestion! I will try my best

exactly iam looking these kind of information,this is amazing from you,great point of view @soldier,you are having amazing future,continue the good work,all the best.

Thank you very much!

wow! that's good you getting up early in the morning 6 AM. This is really good habits for good health. Well, I agree with your all Tips and tricks, yeah good sleep is most important for peace of mind and relaxation.
I also wrote about beauty tips & tricks please feel free to have a look at my blog :)

Upvoted your most recent post :)

thankyou you're so sweet

Exclusively superior advice (tips) giving to control our healthy better. If we want to keep in healthy nicely, definitely need to follow your of tips. Nice you decided to shared and next time write about exercise topic.

I will try my best. There are some topics that I want to share with you guys - how to gain weight - food - exercises. Thanks for the suggestion

Great show, I like it!
I really like this post ........../////////

Thank you!!

Good applicable tips.
I am used to get up earlier for quite a while now so that I get done more on the day.

True, you´re getting used to it

hey thanks a lot,this is amazing research,frankly speaking when i read your blog posts i really feel so happy,i forget all tensions,thanks a lot for being with us.

These are amazing tips,this is probably the best blog and you are unstopable,continue your good work dear all the best.

Thank you so so much sarah! I really appreciate your support 🙌🏼

I think this is just amazing and I love this last point about not snoozing. I have never heard of the app the cost you a $1 every-time you hit the button, but what a great idea! :) I think all of these points are really important to improve health :)

Follow and an upvote from me! :)

Thank you a lot! Appreciate it

Getting up early has many benefits and it is a sign of healthy body. Nice post.

Yes true...

Thanks for the tips and I guess I need to work on my sleeping hours a little more and will sure follow the no 4 tip :)

🙌🏼 Hopefully it will work for you

I am sure it will !

Wake up tips.Well done.


Yesss! I was waiting for the next #becomehealthy post :D
"Do Not Snooze" is the most difficult thing for me😂😂

Hey beautiful!
I haven´t used the snooze button for years but you should really try to ban this technology out of your life :D I promise, you will get used to getting up immediately

That's pretty awesome #becomehealthy post @soldier. Lot of humans lazy to get up early. They've bad habits then can't do get up early. They drink alcohol drinks at night with easing meat indeed foods. So how they early get up? I trust your tips highly welcome to every humans. Important one. Thanks.

It is important to stop drinking caffein after noon. Drinking alcohol is never good for your body!

My favorite point is good sleep as that helps clear out junk in the brain, physically and mentally, and that is forgotten by many and even by me. Thanks for reminding me about that. Plants have good germs, bad germs, like animals do, and I had a conversation about that with my mom today. Plants are like animals in more ways than I knew I guess.

And you are reminding me of things too. Thank you for that. I awoke early but then was sleeping as I got older like you, was born 1985 in Oregon, was in Vietnam, and was eating pretty healthy in Vietnam and fish helps the brain too. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise, hehe. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Hey joey, thanks for the inout! You are going the right way, you already know whats good and whats bad! Try to stick with the good, it will help you on the long run

wonderful post, good writing @soldier

Thanks! appreciate it

This great story i appreciate your life thanks for sharing this blog best of luck my dear friends..

Glad you like it :)

No doubt your effort is appereciate able because your content is always nice anmd i like it your work and awarness for steem community iis so good
Thanks for sharing this beautiful artical i always try to learn and then prcticaly do it from your post keep sharing
Steem on

Thank you so much! I try my best to share great information with the Steemit community. Your positive feedback means a lot!

great work nice to read your post health is wealth and your tips are very good hope you have a healthy life enjoy it

Thank you, hopefully this will work for you as well

That was helpful. Loved the idea of snooze button. I will pay $2 everyday for that. My mind is trained to snooze twice before I getup.
I would love to see an article on weight gain. I would like to gain some weight but obviously in the right manner. Definitely not with fats and overeating.
I am a vegan.

This is a great idea because there are many different ways to gain weight. My choices would still be gaining muscles and I even found protein powder which is vegan without any artificial ingredients! I haven´t tried it but it sounds very promising.

wow just amazing each and every tip is useful,thanks a lot dear.

Thank you, hopefully it will work for you as well

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Thanks for this great be continue..... ..... ....... .....

Nice topic

Reading this literally as I'm battling with my sleep demons and trying to get up. I also used to be an early riser as a kid, but now I sleep so late sometimes... I wake up SO late! Gonna try and keep your tips in mind, especially the snoozing as I'm the queen of that 🙈