ALL HOTELS BOOKED OUT - A night on the Streets of Barcelona

in life •  2 years ago

Obviously @mrs.steemit and I are still in Barcelona as you can tell from our recent posts. We enjoy the most beautiful hotels and their luxury. The prices here in Spain are much lower than we expected so we decided to something like "Hotelhopping"...

First we went to a Hotel called Condes Barcelona, which was located at the Passeig de Gràcia directly at the beginning of the shopping district. The inner architecture was incredible and very luxurious. The hotel room had a panorama view and the whole equipment was high class. I was surprised by the bathroom goodies they gave us. All soaps and shampoo´s were from Rituals.

After that we went to the top of the Tibidabo mountain and stayed at the Gran Hotel La Florida which was the most well designed Hotel that I have ever seen in my life!

But since the hotel was a bit far away from all the nice restaurants we discovered, we went back to the city centre and booked a room at a hotel called Catalonia Hotel Catalunya. I loved the location because it was so central. 

Our last stop was located in front of the popular Barcelona Catedral. We really felt like home because we got an upgrade to the highest floor and from a double standard room to a big suite. 


This was the fun part of our trip....

Last night we couldnt stay at the Hotel Catedral any longer because it was fully booked. That wasn´t a huge problem for us because we did a Hotel-hopping tour anyway. When I scrolled through the web, I saw particularly high prices. Starting at 500 per night for 2-Star economy hostel. Of course we thought there must be a problem and went shopping instead. The sun was out as usual and people were friendly like always. I was sweaty because of the heavy shopping bags and started getting sore throat from the air-conditioning in all the stores. When we arrived back at our hotel, everything was still fully booked in this location. That´s why we turned on our laptops and started searching for a room. We didnt know at this time that a huge band from Irland called U2  was giving a concert in the biggest arena of Barcelona, so the WHOLE CITY was booked out! Only rooms starting at 500€ per night were available which we wouldnt pay because the same room would cost 100€ just a day later...

We called a bunch of Hotels and also visited some Hostels in person just to check if there was any room available. Some Hotel groups called other branches and were also asking for rooms but we had no succes. Really the whole city was booked out!!!

While we went out to get something to eat before all restaurants would close, we saw at least three men wearing a shirt of this band which was the reason why we didnt had a hotel room yet...

We called our friend @agent back in Germany to ask if she had an idea what to do. We were so tired and just wanted to sleep in a bed, doesnt matter which standard. Just a clean bed for 2 persons and a bathroom. She came up with this cool idea to book a room for 6 hours. We found a webpage where we could book a room from 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. Of course its still a long night but better than staying on the streets of Barcelona until 3 in the afternoon right? Obviously these offers were for people who use these rooms for sex meet ups or things like that but we didnt care. We called, we searched in the web and we talked for hours with people at the reception but also these kind of rooms were booked out! It felt like a nightmare or a bad joke. I was wearing just shorts and a top that showed off my belly. Our luggage was stored in the last hotel we stayed at and there was also my whole closet for the trip. 

It was in the middle of the night and we went out to a place where people were still awake and where we could drink something or where we could have a little midnight snack. 

It was 3 am in the morning and the only store that was open was located at the beach between all the popular clubs in Barcelona. It was a 10 min drive, that´s why we called a cab. 

I really want to mention that it was a lot of fun being without make-up, no drinks and not being dressed very well between all those drunk party people. 

Luckily we found a Turkish place that offered good food and drinks. I wanted a hot tea because of my sore throat but they only had cold drinks so I got an ice tea lemon. 

After being turned on by a lot of men, we decided to get a taxi back to the cathedral. But it was tricky to get a taxi because everybody came out of the club at this time and all people wanted to get home. After searching for at least 20 minutes, the my taxi app hooked us up and we managed to get back to the city centre. Right then it was 6 am in the morning and I was freezing. I still had no jacket and wore these shorts...

But there is always a light in every dark situation right? We went to the cathedral as I said before and we had the whole place for us alone. No one was there and took a bunch of beautiful pictures !

A café nearby opened at 7.30 am and we directly left the cathedral and got two hot tea´s to warm up our bodies...

You can not imagine how tired we were. We didnt drink any alcohol or danced the night away. We only waited till the time went by and ate some food which kept us awake....

Our last hope was a hostel on the way. I went inside to ask for a room just until 12 pm but also the smallest hostel was fully booked. We went back to our luggage, changed our clothes and sneaked upstairs to the hotel pool which opened at 8 am. We were able to charge all our electronics and slept at the hotel pool which was quite comfortable....

This night was crazy as hell. @mrs.steemit and I went through so many emotions and I can promise you guys, I will never do a Hotel-hopping tour from day to day ever again. I will at least book 2 nights and make sure to have a room for the night. I woke up the next day and felt very sick and tired although I slept 10 hours. It was a little fun but I would rather sleep in a small bedroom with a shared bathroom instead of being on the streets for a whole night and a the forenoon. We are safe now so no worries...

The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein

Thanks for reading

Stay focused

Love, Soldier


*Disclaimer - Hotel pictures taken from Google & @sirwinchester 

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This happened to me in Munich, during Octoberfest and the entire city is full of Aussies...
I spent the night in the EnglisherGardens under a tabletennis table, in a sleeping bag with a girl I had recently met and was traveling with; we held each other to stay warm and not freeze; very very cold night. But after 3am, I could not keep my eyes open.

I had a rail pass, and I should have just got on a train for Amsterdam or Paris, and spend the night on the train. I used to spend nights, criss-cross europe on the train, wake up in a new city, no hotel charges! ;-)

im at hotel right now.. have rituals too ;)

wasnt aware its some known brand


haha crazy! Rituals is a well known brand in Europe. I really really love their products! Enjoy it ;)

Awesome photos! Looks like a really cool place


It is !!!!

Have you guys seen the Camp Nou stadium?)
It's my dream to visit particular place in Barcelona :)
Such a loong and interesting post :)


No we havent been there, but Barcelona is just 2,5h away by plane so we will go there again for sure!

Great pictures. Barcelona seems like an amazing city. :D


It is!!!

wow cool story bro :)

Wow those pics look amazing!!!! Great adventure and great to see pics and people enjoying themselves withoug pics of getting drunk and passed out (which happens a lot when people go overseas)... and who would have thought U2 are still so big!


Right???? The whole city was booked out because of this one concert! They play in the biggest arenas of Europe.

maybe in my twenties this would have been fun but now in my forties. i plan everything including backups! :) glad you are both safe thou!


I will plan backups now too ! Believe me haha

Very nice photos! Barca is an amazing place to visit for sure. Thank you for sharing, @solider :D


Glad you enjoyed it ;)

Wow, what an adventure! I'm glad you finally got your hot tea for your throat. The pictures of the hotel hopping are beautiful-i've never seen a hotel like that! :O Thanks for sharing!


It was such a nice feeling to drink the hot tea, I was dying the hours before ....
The hotels were incredible !!!

You guys stayed in some really nice places!


Oh yeah we did

wow, @soldier I want to visit barcelona!


You really should! Its an amazing place to be!

A good read. Sounds like it was an adventure of a lifetime Soldier. You have memories that last forever. Thanks for sharing them with us. -


Sure! It truly was an adventure that I can tell my children later....

Thanks for taking me with you!

You are so beautiful!


Thanks! Appreciate it

Good you got to have a room for 6 hours. I remember being stuck at an airport cause the jet that was supposed to take us away had some sort of defect. Then we waited for another jet. Then when the jet came we still needed a flight crew. I was so tired. So people were just lying on the floor. I can't remember how long it all took, but I think it was over 8 hours.


terrible right? I was awake for 34 hours ...

Seems like @soldier love Barcelona...


i really love it!

Wow awesome story


your welcome

Have a safe journey in Barcelona! I supposed to visit there 2 years ago.


How did you like it?

I think it's very nice situation in your life hope you enjoyed it a lot thanx for sharing your experience.


It was a crazy experience but now I love it, I can tell my children about it

Oh! What a luxurious place! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful photos, but WOW that's crazy hotel search. I'm glad you got through it and could find the optimism to find the adventurous story to tell.


yeah, it was a tough night, I was never without a home. Luckily it was just for a day and a night!

Wow those pics look amazing!!!! really cool place @soldier


These places were incredible!

These are places I want to go to. Love to travel. This is very interesting. @soldier, you are so beautiful and the frizzly hair is to die for. You are hot and smart and interesting. Keep up the travel blog here. We love you so much. Love the photos. Love people. Love culture. Love the food High demand is in effect when hotels are booked out. Like sold out. No vacancy. It can be tough sometimes. @mrs.steemit is cool too. Interesting. Thank you. I'm DOCTOR OATMEAL from the Original Oregon Island. I'm the one & only JOEY ARNOLD of VIETNAM HAWAII. I'm the Ghetto Joe Cool Kid of MAGA.


Nice to meet you and I am glad you like my blog so far! Appreciate your lovely words!

This is so well documented. You really had fun. I wanna go to Barca now!! 😩😩☺☺ hahaha!


You need to visit Barca!! I love this place so much

well amazing so much interesting in this post thanks for sharing.


Glad you liked it :-)

Wow, love the modern design of the hotel. The private pool and public pool both look amazing, i wish i could stay in this hotel one day.


You will if you believe in it!

Hello fellow explorer. I can't believe your experience! I travel a lot and i can't even imagine going through what you guys went through! #perseverance 😀😎


haha I will never do this again :D

This places are very luxurious and beautiful hope I get to be one of the lucky ones to visit sometime geez Hey steem it friends I am Vinclace young and new to the community so I thought introductions would be a good idea...


Welcome to Steemit ...
The hotels were amazing and staying there was such a great feeling

Barca. The City That Doesn't Sleep! ;) Great Post! -CJ

You should use Grape Seed Extract for your sore throat. Barcelona looks very nice. It's on my bucket list :)


I am getting better but I will try out grape seed extract next time for sure ! Thank you and Barcelona is definitely a place to go !!!

Oh.. very sad story.. i can see it from your faces.. but it's a great experience for life.. it is a great traveling with your friend.. it will never forget.. no..?


Thats right! We will never forget this experience and it was a lot of fun too! I think I will laugh about it as soon as I´m healthy...

Excellent post soldier the pics are simply well taken and with beautiful colors

What view


Right? The view is crazy!!!!!

Wow those hotels looks damn nice! And the food ! <3 . Gonna visit soon as well.
Nice blog.

you guys made @knozaki2015 drooling with your hotels pics this time. Well done.

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same thing happened when my gf and I were there about 10 days ago... everything was booked for the pride parade and I ended up paying so much more than I should have for a hotel

Thank you for your post! i will move to Barcelona in a few weeks, look like a sweet city

It makes me want to go there today!!!

All the hotels were sold out! Except for you... Showing a nip did the trick. Except that same guy was arrested and put in prison for 10 years for sexual assault later that evening.