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Hey, whatever you get is yours to do with as you wish my friend. There is nothing wrong with getting help from others. I do commend you on paying it forward.

Bobby, I appreciate the thought, brother! I think you will need to send funds back to the people that donated them to you if you do not use them all. These funds were sent for you to get your eye problem taken care of. Thanks, brother! But get your eyes taken care of.

Great man, then we'll get you that 1k and whatever tides you over until you're back on your feet. (You don't need to send anything back to me and if you need more you can see what's in my wallet.)

Someday I might need the help. Your integrity is refreshing. Please keep the donation for whatever you think is best. I hope they can help you for Free. You deserve it. 🐓🐓

You deserve everything you get and it's yours to do whatever you want with it 😊
No need to feel bad ever as it's what we're here for right? Helping and supporting each other. And who knows one day I might need help.
Wish you best of luck with the procedure 🌸

I heard of your issue from @guiltyparties
Best of luck!!

We will do our best to help. Get the surgery, get healed and take care of yourself during the recovery.

Get well soon!

Thank you for your service @solarparadise, and our prayers are with you... 😉

OOOPs, Too late on my end, I think it was only going to raise about $100 U$D anyway, or less, but I can tell people to Vote Only, that way they are just expending STEEMIT-SYSTEM Funds.

I Salute your Honesty and Your Service to our Country!


Strikes Again! This post is EARNING and your REP LEVEL
is up 2 points from when we First Met!

😋 😎 😍 Can't Stop the LOVE!

U are a great man, @solarparadise!