Go On A Ride With Us To The New Cabin In N.C. (Video)

in life •  8 months ago

We made this video of us going to the new cabin in NC. The Next video I will post is a time-laps of the cabin going in. For now it's off grid. One day soon it will be on grid.

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You guys are gonna live here?


No just a weekend place. Maybe one day we might move there full time..

Looking good! Fishing trip?


YES SIR!! When you are ready?

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Hi Bobby! (and Wifey!)
You need to join us on #minnowbootcamp, @basicstoliving is on there, @derangedvisions, and we have a great vote-trading Bot called @mbc-meps that gives out 13¢ votes even at today's low Steem Prices LOL!!!
LMK and I will drop you a link, would not want to Spam you or anything :D
PS: I am working on a solar-initiated charging system that can charge a whole battery bank with ONE SMALL PANEL