This is my life.

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There is no special day in my life. Every day I have a general message. Every day I bring the same message for me. This is a monotonous lonely life. Sometimes it seems like a man would not have been able to flower. Without a man, it would have been nice to impress the people. Then the light of the day was lost before the bloom of silence. Silence in my life, time lost, and never find There is no dream in my life dictionary. There is loneliness and uncertainty in there. I think in the middle of a life that life should not be lost at all, or at least not lost. I do not have to understand that my life is really sad, Story. I spent every moment of my sadness, hardships. In the sense of reality, I never thought of the future of my life. The mourning or joy of the earth does not touch me. I sometimes think that the earth has burst into pieces, so that the roof will break on me at any moment. I know that I can be very depressed. I am very uncontrolled about many things. I can not even measure anything. I was happy to buy one size big shoes and came home. I used to fall asleep again to wake up again in another dream. I did not have anything to be "worthy". I will not be able to do it in the future. I can not even do it. I do not know how to be in the way. I imagine my fantasies sometimes talking, talking to me. Nothing is better than me. Not everything. I feel very lonely I have a small galaxy in a huge space. There is no one to listen to me in the world. The favorite things and dear people are moving away. All of this world's people I had the desire to live one by myself. But that desire will remain a dream. The list of life is not long. The loneliness of loneliness in the bedless night is lazy. Suddenly my mind automatically gets worse. Listen to a song suddenly The mind became depressed. I tried to solve all the big problems with the same formula as a little child. And in the squares of the wrong answer, I am alone. I feel very angry about myself during my childhood. I think I have seen some nightmares. One day, I will see that everything is fine. It seems a lot bigger and very small. Dear favorite songs also suddenly become depressed. Some people fill many storms in the earth and fulfill their dreams, There are a few people who are busy to fulfill the dreams of the beloved man, then there comes a day when they forget to dream for themselves. I am alive with the power of some strange power. I mean, I know that the vitality and dreams to survive, I do not even have one part of it. I want to close my eyes in any one ministry. When will I be able to overcome these weaknesses? I can not live without life! I now see one dream in front of my eyes. I cry today, crying even today, my loneliness still contradicts me. Many people feel tired. One is a lost warrior crushed by life. False assertions, "One day all will be alright. Suddenly, one day will be a magic." Sometimes I think that whatever I used to think about happiness, all of that was done in that time. I will never be able to go back to that time. I do not see the favorite city many times. Many times I do not go home, I can not eat rice in my mother's house for a long time. I can not chat with friends. The time of waiting is very long. There is no one like you who is far away from their favorite cities and dear people despite their reluctance. Sometimes at midnight when the entire city is asleep , Then I think no one in the direction of the flame alive. The sleeping city wakes up again like me. In this short life, I can not even bear the burden of my own hardships. Bliss, mournfulness disappears all over time. I have not understood the grief of losing the closest people, but I did not understand that.

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