Growth mindset stream of consciousness plan

in #life5 months ago (edited)

Day 1, take stock (inventory of everything in life you care about or have access to, skills, daily add to this list (when you wake up or go-to sleep, just start working on your plans for planning plans) and just breathe. Breathing is good.... It connects you to the moment, for a moment, good things to be mindful about.
Day 2, begin to organize, social space, personal space, goal space, physical space, all the things.
Day 3, begin to optimize spaces.
Day 4, think about deeper cleaning, all the spaces
Day 5, yay food!!
Day 6, what's being conscious about food about?
Day 7, humans!!! Or a day of rest if socializing is too much.
Day 8, breathe some more, and do more.
Day 9, cutting losses, invest less in entertainment and more in making the future easier in those same spaces.
Day 10, stay on task, contemplate various approaches to your spaces
Day 11, you are in it yourself, but others see your journey and progress, even if they don't speak up or are salty ^>^
Day 12, death probably gets you before your time, but if not... Keep working on easier sustainable futures (investments in your spaces).
Day 13, maintain some more spaces, break into other good things you've always wanted to do or once dreamed of doing
Day 14, rest... Sleep is good, besides, you start over with this blasted list again tomorrow like it's some 2 week version of groundhog day.

Besides, I have no idea what I'm doing like the rest of you. But hey, I got stoned and made a list one morning. What have you done besides post memes and binge television. Hmmmmm?!?!? P.s. that's what I've done most of the days of this quarantine. And some time to work on projects, but hey, I'm just self criticizing, because that's what we do. Oh well, maybe the list inspires you to do something. Maybe not. But that garden isn't planting itself. I started with an onion last week. But anyways, figured as I'm working on a actual version of this above guide, I'd at least stream of consciousness a fun version in the moment. Maybe making myself a little more accountable for the thoughts being put out there, let's all thrive here. We got this, well, we at least got time for this. Since none of this list really takes time you don't already have. Even outside the quarantine, even just 20 minutes a day, with enough cycles of the list.... 28 weeks later (half a year right) things will have progressed past where you thought you would be in 6 months... Unless yer already on some sort of growth mindset plan, then share tips below ^>^

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