Why I left Amazon's Publishing and uploaded my Novel into the Blockchain on Steemit

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Writing a Book is tough.

Writing, editing, promoting, engaging and seeking out readers of your genre or your specific niche is really tough.

Doing all of this while having to deal with the stresses of life, the bills and working the nine to five is well, damn near impossible.

To those of you who have made it, who've overcame these obstacles with gracefulness and unapologetic glee - I applaud you.

Over the span of about three years my Novel "Watershed: A Memoir" has sat on Amazon's website for sale through the Kindle Direct Publishing but lately only earning just mere pocket change each month. When I first published the Book, I received about a $100 the first month, then averaged about $150 over the next few. After that it was about $30-50 a month then finally a few dollars was all I was getting these past few years.

I'm sure that the interest in my work had plateaued and that was simply just as good as it gets. Which is logical to say that the specific market I was in (Amazon) had dried up and there was no more interested readers left or I was just catching the trickle of new readers. So in a way by publishing onto the Blockchain I trade my paltry $2 a month Amazon Royalty Check for a shot in the Steemit Universe.

Quite the gamble you think?

If you would like to read my Book the first five Chapters are already posted on my blog feed. I will try to post the rest of the Book over the next few days.

I am both humbled and honored by those who have reviewed my Book and left words of support and commentary. I am truly glad I could share this experience with so many.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you all :)

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good luck
I did the same thing.


Thanks, you too. It's tough out there isn't it!?


yup..there is a LOT of competition..


Yeah which is exactly one of the reasons why Amazon wasnt working out anymore.

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Do not give up, @smf,

In dreams and in life, nothing is impossible.

good luck!