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RE: I Have A Little Secret To Share With Everyone!

in #life8 months ago

Any creative writing is cool with me, even if it's a true story about your life, presented in a creative fashion.

Not everyone agrees with this, my latest post didn't include the #creativecoin tag, as I didn't feel it fitted the bill, but was in some ways similar to this one of yours, though without all your colour.

15,000 coins... oooh.., I feel small at just under 4000. I'm spreading mine out a little. Not sure if that's the right thing to do.


@Meesterboom does a fine job of creative life writing. Adding humor goes a long way. The writer should know if they're being creative or not. Right now, I know I'm just talking to you. If I would have said I'm just talking to you like.... and then rambled out a simile, the writing becomes more than just talking about talking.

I'm trying to be careful with all these tokens. I can only be in one place at a time. Content producer first, curator second. I'll just focus on what I like. If the niche is small, I probably won't be interested. CCC has variety, so that adds value, in my opinion. I'm not trying to strike it rich with these things. Building up the platform into something sustainable is the first step.