Howdy folks...

in #life4 years ago

I wonder if anyone of my friends and folks that follow my blog are still on here? I was thinking whether to re-engage with posting on Steemit again....




Hey, long time no see! Most users have moved to hive ( You can login there using your same login keys or credentials. I’m posting on both chains, but the heart and soul of steem has moved to hive.

Hey good to hear from you. I will go set up on there as well. Thanks for the info!

Yes, I remember your magnificient storyes about flights. And of course spectacular photos!

Thanks!!! Very kind of you to say...

Awesome to see you ✈ ⛅ @skypilot! It has been a long time, hope all is well!
Most of us have moved to the hive, peakd. Like @daveks said - ''the heart and
soul of steem has moved to hive''. Looking forward to seeing you there!! :-)


Hey ! great to hear from you.... ok I am modulating over there right now!

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