Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

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If These 2 Animals Can Get Along, So Can We

I was hanging out with my daughter the other night and she asked me if I would come play with her bunny in her room. She was not allowed to watch TV at the time because she had already used her hour of screen time. It is quite common for her to ask me to play of once her screen time is used up. But I don’t mind, I am grateful that at her age she still wants me to play it with her and be part of her entertainment. So while we were sitting there on her bed we were playing with her bunny. He is a rather friendly bunny, he is not too skittish as far as rabbits go from my experience. A couple minutes after we began buying with the bunny one of our cats jumped up on the bed and at first did not even realize the bunny was on the bed. Once he realized the rev it was on the bed, he was a kind of in shock. This was the first time he had ever been face to face with a rabbit. He has looked at him through the cage many times but never had the chance to go nose to nose with the animal. I know that I did not capture the picture at the right moment, but I still think it’s a decent representation of my point. There is surely some primitive instinct in my cats head that makes him wonder about the rabbit. Is it food? It it dangerous? Surely the rabbits large size is a bit intimidating, but nonetheless they seemed very curious about each other and touched noses multiple times. But dont get things twisted, this cat is 19 pounds and surely was looking at this rabbit as a little snacky snack.

Love Love Love – He Does Not Know The Way

I have also been working on letting my dog get closer to the rabbit but I am a bit more cautious about that one for obvious reasons. I have a pitbull mix and she is extremely curious about the rabbit. But she also was chasing rabbits in the backyard whenever she gets the chance and lives to chase chipmunks through the forest. But overall she has done well when she gets the chance to be close to the rabbit. She has poked her with her nose a couple times but never once put a paw or a tooth on her yet. The other night I woke up to a strange sound at my doorway and I could see what I thought was the silhouette of a cat sitting there. Then suddenly it seemed too hop away and I realized that the rabbit had gotten out of the cage in the middle of the night. The reason I woke up is because the dog was moving around a little bit on the bed and staring towards the door. She was sitting there watching the bunny hop around in the doorway. Needless to say I was very proud of her for not getting off the bed and pursuing the rabbit.

If these simpleminded animals can get along and the house animals can resist to their primitive instincts then why cant we all just get along? I know that it is easier said than done but we can’t go on fighting with each other like this forever. How can we be so smart and so foolish at the same time. We are so quick to judge others who claim they are socially superior to us but then we ourselves think there is traits or characteristics about our own identity that we believe are superior to people from other cultures or geographical regions, we just might not be as quick to realize our hypocrisy. Love your neighbor for their burden will surely be your burden some day.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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you always have great content

jjajajaja nice post!! make me happy

I enjoyed reading this, you have some cool animal harmony happening in your home.

Beautiful. 👏

This reminds me of babies and their innocence. If one is punished because of another, just watch them in the next few minutes, they'd be playing together again, forgetting what had transpired few minutes back.

Love unites all.

Nice post .. I love it

If these simpleminded animals can get along and the house animals can resist to their primitive instincts then why cant we all just get along?

Because we don't have masters to sufficiently domesticate us.


But I believe we probably do. There seems to be evidence of that in many different belief systems.


Lol one cat is a cat, one cat is a rabbit. Then the echidna is a meme, lol!

We are all different in many ways, if the bunny and the cat were in the wild, they'll behave differently.

People have different perspectives, different beliefs. Probably one reason why not all people get a long which is sad.

Animals are the closest and most devoted friends of a person. They are more sensitive and loyal to people. They are ready to be from the very beginning, and some of us do not understand this ... and the animals are on the street.

This is quite funny and interesting post @skyefox. But the fact remains, until racism, cultural supremacy, pride, power and ego are neutralized, we will always have problems coexisting others.

Hey @skyefox, thanks for sharing! So many things out there to be happy for and about. Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post! Cheers