Snow Is Melting, Birds Are Chirping - Spring Is Coming!

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Spring Is In The Air

Pictured - A Commercial Tomato Operation

All right, maybe im jumping the gun a little bit but im super excited for spring and I can smell it in the air today! This far north winters can be very long and hard and personally it can really get to me not having very much sun. I find myself going outside doing activities like ice fishing and instead of hiding in a shack I want to stand and bathed in the sunlight because it is but im stuck inside during the cold months. I am so excited to start my gardening. I will be starting my seeds indoors in a bout another five weeks. I have been waiting months for their time to come and this year I am going to grow so much more food than I did last year. Last year was my second year gardening and I learned a lot. Im a huge tomato fan so I decided to grow 40 tomato plants. I had six or seven different varieties and I was testing to see which ones I liked the most. And the and I’ve learned that I one really big tomatoes instead of tons of small tomatoes. This year I will be doing much more than just tomatoes. I have some previous posts about my progress last year. This year I plan on doing raspberries, blueberries, large and small tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, carrots, potatoes, the lettuce, spinach, peppers, kale, a raspberry tower, and maybe some other vegetables here and there. This is the majority of the vegetables that we eat on a regular basis. We have grown raspberries in the past and we generally harvest them and freeze all of the berries that we can’t finish. I just can not wait to grow again! Winter has me feeling a little overwhelmed and I know all that winter is not over it yet but I am feeling pretty good about the weather starting to warm up around here.

In the future I will have a post following my progress with my gardening adventures this year. It will probably become a pretty common post topic for me since I am trying to make food production part of my lifestyle for my families health. I am sick of cancer destroying my family and one thing that I can do to help keep my family healthy is by controlling the quality of food that we eat. In the end, I know I wont avoid all the bad things out there but it’s a good place to start.

Thank you for reading and follow me for my future gardening adventures.

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I'm dying to start doing more outdoor stuff. It's still -25 Celsius here today with 30 km/h winds. It's not pleasant. There have been a few more days recently where you get that "spring is coming" feeling.

I'll be on my 3rd year of gardening this year. Last year didn't go so well because we had some cold weather, and then some dry weather right afterwards. I still got a number of things, but nothing near to what I had the year before that. Hopefully this year is better.

I'm also thinking of starting everything right from the garden this year instead of inside - just as an experiment.

Congratulations on your decision to grow healthier food at home to have a better health for you and your family!!
That's really great and I hope you benefit from it and be able to find so many healthy foods to replace the "bad" ones :)
I wish the same for myself too... there was a time when I deeply rejected all the "junk" food. That was because I reallh felt that they're nothing but "trash" or poison.
Whenever I eat them I feel that I am
Poisoning myself. So I was away from artificial food for a good time. Unfortunately, I am back to eating everything again.. and I find myself choosing the easiest to get food rather than putting more effort in preparing healthier meals & snacks!
I want to get back to eating healthy only & enjoying it!
I want it to be an easy choice for me in case I feel lazy..
I should think how to make this happen.. I wish you success and perfect health for you and your loved ones!


you always have the best content skyefox keep it up!

I’ve been really wanting to try and grow some thai chillies along with some bell peppers. I was thinking of just making a small terranium set up for the chiles. I liked your post though, made me remeber how I would love to grow my own vegetables.


My friend grew some chilis indoors and it worked out great! He grew Thai Chilis, they are very small, about 1-2 inches. They are very hot and because of this it works out great indoors! Many people do not eat many chilis. I love spicy food but still my stomach can only handle so many peppers! But they are great to dehydrate or crush into some powder.


Nice, this gives me even more motivation to try it out! Thanks

a very good post@skyefox

I planted a whole bunch of fruit trees this last year. It's exciting to take your own food source into your own hands. Good stuff!

I started to plant tomatoes... Let see what will be happened in 1month! ^_^

You cann't beet going out to your garden and picking something you helped grow. It taste soooooooo much better than store food.