hey can I make a messed up request for a gif or just a still meme . I am making a post and as you know I suck ass at photoshop. I am making a comedy open mic post for next weeks entry and i need some sort of animated dildo or dick wearing a hoodie. I am well aware of how weird that sounds but you have to trust me. I will of course pay you and credit your work in the post. Hell i will split what I win if i even win a prize at the end. I have won 50 sbd from them once before. Maybe i can again.


is the hood on the hoodie up or down?
OMFG im cracking up so bad.

Black hoodie on a giant cock basically?
Balls sticking out the bottom?

im dying over here.

basicly it is playing on a joke someone made about americans not knowing about uncircumsized penises so you can even make one with the hood down meet one with the hood up and ask each other what is wrong with the other one. I am good with what ever. Deffenantly balls out. you can animate them as their legs when they walk. what ever you want to do.


I hope its ok, thought you could throw it in a meme generator and add words.

Let me know what you think of it.

i love it. I FUCKING LOVE IT. how much do i owe ya? That is going to work great.

idk send whatever you feel is fair.
link me to the entry you post too so i can resteem it.

to much? not enough?
probably kinda hard to know without the context it is going to be in i guess. lol

sorry it took me so long to respond.
im working on a still right now, just got the hoodies finished.
now i just gotta fins a cock to put in them.

will get back to you asap.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

That's crazy. invent a violation only to please another. that's crazy I can not believe it, now I understand. your previous publication.

people are crazy, its sad.

One of many cancerous, so called ‘movements’
Does this #metoo include men? Or is it just for women? What about those that don’t identify as man or woman just ‘thingy’?

As far as i know its for everyone but men so thingies are covered by the movement.

the metoo thing is a movement saying all accucations of rape should be belived no matter what and due process doesnt matter. Its based off an idea that women never lie and if they say they were raped the man is instantly kicked out of the school they attentend. so even if it comes out like this story where the girl admits she was lieing the guys still were kicked outa school 2 years ago and have had worrie about serving 22years in prison.
Its sick, we have due process for a reason and to throw innocent until proven guilty out the door just because a woman or a thingy said it is just wrong.

The 2 dudes she lied about had their lives destroyed and everyone knows them as the football rapists, they had to drop outa school and change towns, for 2 years they have been looking at 22years. she comes out and admits she was making it all up and they give her a year in jail. i say jail cause unless your serving over a year you dont go to prison, plus she will prolly get out in 6-7 months for good behaviour.

The only thing i could find about males with the metoo thing is the taylor swift ordeal, she tricked a 19yr old dude and stole his first kiss. he said he was saving his first kiss for someone he cared about and she tld him come her ima give you a kiss on the cheak, she gave him one then told him to give her one on the cheak and when he went to she turned her head and snuck in a real kiss. then she put her arms up in a display that she got her kiss.
when the dude spoke about it the whole metoo movement kinda ignored it but if it was one of the male judges on the show doing that to a 19 yr old girl its obvious it would be all over the news and people would be flipping out.

The double standards and removal of due process is what pisses me off though.

This sort of thing almost happened to my uncle. A daughter of a chick he was dating made up all kinds of lies and ran him through the ringer with the courts and then the truth came out. Glad there was due process then or else his life could have been ruined. This was back in the 90’s and man had a lot changed since then.
I totally agree with you on the double standard and due process.
People should be held accountable for their actions but nobody these days wants to take accountability for what they have done and just want to blame it on someone or something and not themselves.

Your uncle was lucky, now days people hear accusation and they think its a fact.
accountability and justice for all.

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