Americas First Transgender Drill Sargent! - VetTv

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Anyone who has the desire and the ability to serve in the United States military should have the right to do so. Whether they are a man, woman, gay, straight, bisexual, or transgender. We sometimes forget that our differences help make us great, but only when we are able to respect and appreciate that which makes us different.

As long as we can work together with mutual respect, we can continue to defend this great nation and repel our enemies with the same ferociousness that we've always exemplified in battle.
While there are thousands of trans genders serving in the US military, there are very few who have garnered the attention that SSgt. Brunswick has, mostly due to her previous service in the infantry, prior to making the change and becoming the woman she always knew she was. 60 Mikes has the exclusive documentary.

Yes, this episode gets even better.
No, this is not the full-length episode.
Yes, the second half is only available on VET Tv.

Kill, Die, Laugh!



Seriously man this was a laugh fest. I do not understand that why would they let something of this quality even air. Transgenderism is one topic. Their military service is another but this was a joke.

vet-vt is one of the funniest things i have come across in a while.
No subject is taboo or to dark with them.

lol. Best thing I have seen today

Steers and queers....... and i dont see any horns on your head boy!

Transgenderism is a disease.

did u watch the video?
my sides hurt from laughing so hard.


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thank you too.

Of course everyone has a right and if he did not feel good about his sex he had to change, possibly he was already in his DNA but they did not detect him in time when he was little

as long as someone isnt hurting anyone else then they should be able to do what they want.

Apareciste cuando te pierdes varios días me preocupo.

He estado muy ocupado empacando para moverme.
el tiempo se mueve rápido

A claro mudanza. Yo me habia quedado sin internet uno como que hace a las personas de internet como su familia y se preocupa cuendo no los ve haciendo post y cosas lindas. Gracias por ser tan amable. Cuidate.

A clear move. I had run out of internet one like what makes internet people like their family and worries when they do not see them doing post and nice things. Thank you for being so kind. Take care.

Thank you for the kind words.

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