When your so young and you are abadoned by your parents!

in #life4 years ago

Being 4 years old and my mom and dad split up and I can hardly remember the day my mom put me in this place where it wasn't my home and I wasn't safe. I was such an innocent child and I was hurt so bad. Wow, yes I'm about to tell you some horrific experiences. Well I'm having a hard time to let it all out here right now! However I will let it out, I was abused but not raped over the period of 4 years till I was 8 years old! I swear you will be crying when I finish my story, not ready to do that right now, mean finish my story. It's so very hard to tell anyone and even my immediate family. I am and I was so blessed to have my sisters who understood me when I turned 8 years old. Wow, it hurts to talk about it but I will, not right now though!

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