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in life •  2 years ago  (edited)

I just have to get this out there.

I was over Facebook well before I found out about steemit/dsound etc, but here lately it feels like almost a chore to want to get on and interact with friends, family who just aren't ready for steemit at this point in time.
I am a what you might call a liberal, I believe in personal rights and choices, and one of the main issues I have with Facebook directly is the advertisements and the constant triggering type of content that is pushed in your feed whether you want it there or not.

Then, what really gets my goat, is how they want me to shell out 30-40 dollars to get my artists page posts seen. I put down 10$ once in the beginning to try and get some exposure for my music, and a whole 2 people seen my post out of the 10,000 that was quoted would see my post and likely interact with it.
Imagine the revenue they are sucking us little folk dry for, while giving absolutely nothing but trouble in return.

Plus that Zuckerberg is a real fucker. I don't wanna contribute to his bullshit any longer.
So I am over it. I am going to start cutting myself away from it until the only purpose it serves is to remind me.

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Yeah, Facebook is terrible! I have long since removed myself from that garbage. Steemit is the closest thing to Facebook I use :)

If it weren't for family and running a growing ambient group, which I am poaching the best talent out of to come to steemit, I would just deactivate my account. steemit is still in beta so I see great things to come!