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Dear future generations,

By the time you would be reading this, I might have been gone. But I needed to apologize to you before time just to let you know how sorry my generation is for what it has left you with to handle on this planet.



I think I would say I speak for the rest of the world when I say SORRY. Sorry we left you with this very mess we call a planet. Sorry that we were so caught up in our own very selves that we couldn’t do anything to salvage the situation. Sorry we had to listen to people who made excuses to do nothing.

I ask that you forgive us. We were just too blind to realises how special the earth was. Like a marriage gone wrong, we didn’t know what we had until it was gone. For example, I want to believe that your teachers must have taught you about the Amazon Dessert, right? Well believe me when I tell you that it was once known as the Amazon Rain Forest which had billions of tall trees and was a habitat to so many animals and wildlife. I am telling you this with tears in my eyes because you didn’t get to behold this very beauty I am talking about.

Oh damn, did I just mention trees? Do you even know what they are? Omg, we killed them all. let me tell you this. Trees are amazing. When I say amazing, it’s an understatement, I mean we actually breathed the oxygen they produced. they cleaned up our pollution and carbon by converting them into oxygen for use to breath. Oh how lovely they were. They store up water for animals and man and even gave us medicine which we used in curing all manner of diseases and ailments. They gave us food and were shelter for the beds and animals and this is why I am so sorry we cut and burned them down out of ignorance.



We cut them down with brutal machines at the rate of 40 football fields every minute, that’s 50% of all the trees in the world gone in the last 100 years, WHY? For MONEY.

You know, when I was a child, I was told stories of how the native Americans had so much consideration and love for the planet that they felt responsible for how they left the land for the next 10 generations, which brings me great sorrow because most of us today don’t even care or have regard for what our tomorrow becomes.



So I am sorry, I am sorry that we decided to use nature as our credit cards which had no spending limits, killing animals and leading them into extinction without giving you the chance of actually becoming friends with them and knowing what it feels like. We put our profiles and status above people, we let our greed stay way above our needs and allow the rule of gold stay in place of the golden rule.

Sorry we got the oceans and rivers poisoned so much that you can’t even get a chance to swim in them but above all, I am sorry for the kind of mindset we had which gave us the impetus to call this destruction we are causing right now PROGRESS.

Now this goes to some in the news and media outlets who think climate change isn’t a threat. I dare you to go interview the thousands of people living in remote areas of Africa and see how their homes were literally washed away due to rising sea levels while you partied in your penthouses

Was watching the telly some days ago and I saw a woman called Sarah Palin, who said she loved the smell of fossil fuels. That actually isn’t normal as she could be the only one who could say that at this time but I urge you to talk to the kids in Bejing, who were forced to wear pollution masks just to go to school if you really want to know how it feels. They might be very old now but they are in the best position to tell you what they had to go through.



See you can ignore this and throw it to the mud but the thing about the truth is, it can be denied but not avoid.

So I am sorry future generations, I am sorry that out foot prints became sinkholes and not the garden we promised. I am sorry that we paid so much attention to ISIS, and very little attention to how fast the ice was melting in the Artic. I am sorry we failed you and couldn’t even find another planet to move to after this mess.

Well enough of the sorries…you know what?


I am not sorry because I do not accept this future of which I speak. I do not accept this future because I was taught that an error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.

We can actually change this…how?

Let me say this…

When a farmer spots a tree that isn’t yielding much fruit due to its unhealthy state, he does not begin to diagnose it from its branches instead he takes his diagnosis form the roots. So just like the farmer we must begin to solve this problem from the root and not looking at the branches of government and blaming them for all our misfortunes. Let the change we want to see begin with us.

We are the root and we are the foundation. It is up to us to take care of this planet. It is our only home and hope. It is necessary that we globally warm our hearts and very important that we change the climate of our souls and realise that we are not apart from nature but a part of nature.

If we decide to betray nature, then we betray ourselves and if we decide to save nature then I think it will be equally right to say we save ourselves. We need to act now because if we don’t do anything to save our environment, then we will equally go extinct.


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I must confess. You did a great work on this write up. Well done boss👏👏

Good piece of work @sistem. We should preserve our nature. One interesting thing is that we wouldn't cease to exist even if the Amazon rainforest turns into Amazon desert. Reason being it is not trees that produce majority of oxygen that exist in our planet. Photosynthesis of Phytoplanktons mainly growing in oceans is responsible for the production of almost 80% of world's oxygen!

How i wish our fathers have the enfontary to appologies for how they failed us and gave us no choice but to explore for alternate means of living. Great composition

Sorry my sp aint big enof as it used to but u deserve a 100% .. Kudos


Thanks bro i relaly do appreciate.