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I warmly welcome,
This post is addressed to everyone regardless of whether their adventure began today, a month ago or has an account from the beginning of the founding of steemit. I would like to invite everyone to follow my profile through this post, which will enable me to develop faster and better. Anyone who clicks follow me promises that I will repay in the same way. In addition, everyone can count on a modest upvote from me. It is strength in us. Each profile, every single user creates this platform. We all benefit from it. If you have any questions, you can easily write.
Aldo if You wanna use great aplication, where you can chat with everyone and earn steems for watching short videos just click my link. This aplication calls partiko :) if you will start use it you will also get benefits from me :)

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hi there :) it was nice to meet you on my 1500 follower post!!! thanks for coming to giggle with me!

Even though you didn't win - enjoy this tip

!tip 0.5

Sorry, the tip is higher than your deposit.
You can check your deposit by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: status
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Oops! Sorry my tip jar was empty but now I out more tips in hehehehe
Trying again :)

Trying again!!

!tip 0.5


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🎁 Hi @sirpeter77! You have received 0.5 STEEM tip from @dreemsteem!

@dreemsteem wrote lately about: Fireflies: Pupa (Book 2, Entry 13) - Swarming Like Wasps Feel free to follow @dreemsteem if you like it :)

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Amr khub issa korse vabte akhon to boli nai

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