Its been a minute!

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Not only has it been a minute but its been a long minute. I am writting this because i have missed writting and commenting. I have not connected with a steemit family for quite some time now - life happens sometimes and we are forced to take a minute and reflect. I have been well and blessed mostly with good health, family and friends, for that i have a reason to smile!

I have been up and down, caught up with some projects that will hopefully make this country better, we are almost rolling out the first project and you'll be among the first people to know about it. The next project i want to do involves oral health care for underprivileged kids living in the rural areas, i plan to roll this out in a couple of months once everything has been fine tuned. I won't mention the third one, it is still on conceptual phase and telling could jeopardise the whole idea!! The thing about projects is that they have to be well thought and planned for easy execution, the problems comes in when there are other partners involved from the planning phase - there's a bit of laxity involved which bothers me alot. If a man were indeed an island, i would go at it alone but we need other expertise, don't we?

One of the things that has made me really happy is peace in our country, we have enjoyed a serene calmness that is soo fresh to breath in it's almost a beautiful thing (rainbows are more beautiful)

This peace was brought about by this.,
A handshake between two sworn political adversaries!
They seem to have agreed on something that we all speculate about, but whatever that was, Amen! May they always shake hands. Last year was one of the dullest year in our country and the stand off between the two heavy weights seemed to threaten the stability of this country this year. That handshake might be the best thing that has happened to Kenya this year!


Believe it or not - these scenes have made smile and happy, I am not trying to be oblivious that that could be the makings of global warming but if you had been in Kenya for the last three years then these rain felt like it was heaven sent! We had a drought that was threatening our humanity on so many levels and this rain hadn't come then we would have been in really deep shit - the dams had dried up so there was no water in our taps, electricity had become so expensive, there was no food on our farms, there had been a cholera outbreak, crime rate was véry high etc etc.
Rain is a promise of growth and im very okay with raining and flooding! It just come in the nick of time. We have seven more days of rainfall and we are very happy for this blessing!

Sudan Died

This was the last nothern white male on earth! The news of its death saddened the whole world, a whole species gone! We have not been good caretakers of the world and as humans we failed big! Poachers ensured that a whole species disappeared!! Its still happening to other wild animals and soon we will have nothing on our forests. Sudan was loved and was well taken care of, he had to receive armed security for 24 hours for fear of thugs - he died peaceful of old age!

Other things that made me happy

1.New Esteeem app looks cool, i like what @good-karma has done. But a quick check at my wallet shows that it has not been updated!

  1. I hear that Russian hotels will be accepting Bitcoin. The more reason that crypto will be accepted for the exchange of goods and services.

The more reason that we should keep on writting! I have noticed that steem value has plummeted over the months, one could easily give but a smart investor buys when the value is low and waits to reap big when the value goes up.

Keep steeming no giving up.


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