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RE: I Have A Little Secret To Share With Everyone!

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Yes. I am here and I am having a good start. Yes, many good bloggers have left the field as I notice. One of them is @alexbeyman , I really enjoyed his story, games, novels, etc. But he is no longer here, I hope he comes back with a bang. And thanx to you I am learning self-enhancement, and way of not quitting.


It seems we all know someone who had to take a break. Taking a break can be quite healthy. I know I've done it a few times and usually come back ready to take on the challenges again. I can understand why the creative types need the time off. It simply can't be forced. Quitting permanently only means you wasted time and that's never good, because it comes with regrets. When I take a break, it's always on my mind to come back. That would haunt someone for years if they quit, especially if they put thousands of hours worth of work onto this blockchain.

Thats really true. You really teach me something worth for my life. No words. Thank you