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Suicide can be defined as the act of taking one's own live intentionally . I observed the rate at which people commit suicide and I ask myself if it really wrong as the generality presumed. Whenever issues ensues, I tend to look at things outside the box of morality and approach them as a radical thinker. Is suicide really an option?

The society seems to set some standards for us to tread on and failure to live up to these expectations lead to heavy backlash. We forget we are human, we forget we are fallible, we get heavily laden with the responsibilities imposed on us by our society to the point it becomes detrimental to our real persons. The society decides who we here, what we are, what we eat and even the mode of our funeral and with this I can say failure to live up to the society standards is suicidal itself. Let use some African society as a case study where it is been upheld that inability to raise or have your own biological children is synonymous to a life and existence of futility.

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Now down to the individuals, we tend to set some goals and objectives in our head and the inability to achieve them can lead to some of emotional breakdown and accumulation of frustration is the real suicide itself. I give kudos to a person we end his life at once, some has been dying for many years before reaching their grave, some persons after encountering some difficulties they fall back to alcohol or other harmful narcotics and ends up living the rest of their live miserably.

Suicide according to what we perceive is that instant death but a lot of person are already living corpse, I think I can call such act segmental suicide. Suicide becomes an option when frustration becomes an order of one's life, suicide becomes an option when failure and disappointment becomes a butter on a man's bread but we shouldn't allow the things of this world overtake us from our real selves, the world has been existing before us and will continue after we must have gone. The world is not a place of perfection so never expect one, you can't satisfy the society because the society is insatiable, live your life while I live mine, contentment is the secret to a peaceful life. I will leave us with this quote; "I can be broken but shall never be defeated".

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