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I remember my first day in the philosophy class, the lecturer, who is a professor happens to be septugenerian. He stood in front of the class and marshal his assertions. He wrote boldly on the white board "The world is a stage, all men and women are players". The entire class was perplexed, the first thought that popped on my mind was a jingling one, I don't know how the world could be a stage, and we the inhabitants are players.

He buttress his assertion by making series of references until the point where the sentence became a print in my head. When I got home I sat on my study table and prodd on what I heard. I meditate on the creation theory and evolution theory and both seems like a written script. I dived into reasoning on our day-to-day life activities and really it seems more like a movie and with this I keep wondering.

I look at how a child is born, how he grows and the totality of activities he engaged in, and the last faze which is the death of the once upon a time child, it made me believe that indeed the world is a stage.

Some are born rich, while some are poor. Some are healthy while some are unhealthy. I look at how people struggle to attain some certain height and it made it look like the human life is a drafted script.

If the world is indeed a stage then let us put up a show of love to one and other. If the world is a stage let us be the hero and not the villain. If the world is a stage let us strive to leave a blue print that will live long after us, let not make cruelty a lifestyle because karma never sleeps it just relaxing waiting for the proper time to strike. If the world is a stage let us help and love ourselves. If the world is a stage I choose to remain positive.

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